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Delightful Delicious Girly Punishments

God, where do I start today?? Having just seen what is on offer at FirmHandSpanking recently, I’m in all of a bother!
Gorgeous Samantha Woodley & the equally luscious Sierra Salem start today’s hot updates!
I have some sample clips of both girls punished & also some fantastic FULL Size images of Sierra!

Firm Hand Spanking vid samples - click here

I’ve never featured much of Sierra, God knows why as she’s absolutely lovely and I always read her blog see what she’s up to.

Sierra Salem in

Sadly, I never seem to get a reply when I write to her, maybe I scare her off for some reason?
Anyway, I gotta say this OTK punishment recently was damned hot, FHS claim it’s a blistering 325 swats in this 8 minute film!
Roughly a hard stroke of the hand by stern tutor Wallace every 1 & a half seconds! ouch!!!
Check out & click on the images below to see the fantastic full size pics from this update.


Sierra squirms and tosses her long hair in this panties down spanking fest!
See those bare cheeks turning red at the hands of her Discipline Tutor, Cindy Wallace.


Below are 4 videos, the FIRST is from the above movie.
The remaining 3 are from my current infatuation, Samantha Woodley. Hope you enjoy these clips!

click to play here click to play here
click to play here click to play here

These films are available to download in FULL at

Click to view more HERE

Back soon with more spanking updates and news
Regards, Chief.

PS. If you wanna see a great SpankAmber update, check out SpankingNews Blog

Amber's latest update featured at SpankingNews Blog


  1. OH MY! Please do write me again because my spam email folder has a habit of taking my important emails and making it so that I never see them… I would never not reply to you on purpose! I love your blog and I appreciate you mentioning me here. I will keep a closer eye on my spam folder and see if maybe your message is still in there. Sorry about that!


    — Sierra Salem

  2. Sierra, thanks for taking time to write in.
    I had written several times about various things incl. a possible chance to come over to the UK and work with us?
    (I’d have to double check with our casting dept again now) – but of course I’d rather discuss this in private amongst other things!
    …and don’t worry, it’s not me in a room alone with a vid camera, LOL! 😉

    I’ll send a mail without attachments etc later.

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