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The 8th Commandment – Lupus Film Review

It’s been a while since I last mentioned anything about Lupus Spanking so here’s a review of a film I saw recently.

Lupus Spanking

This film has a little extra spice to the usual fantastic scenes so loved of Lupus with their great sets and costumes etc. Yes, on top of the crying girls, real tears, humiliation and of course SEVERE SPANKING & CANING bare bottoms is something extra!

Talk about humiliation! This film has it all – & of course some evil spanking scenes & more we’ve come to expect. There are some free sample pics and clips to help explain this movie as well as a promotional clip & I have cut my own scene for you to view!

8th Commandment at Lupus Spanking

Svetlana and Milena, two pretty young girls, committed a sin by faking illness to avoid an awful exam at school. They didn’t care that they were staying with their uncle who was a strict priest. Nor did they care how much they made this good man worry about them. It was a dirty trick.  All the time they are pretending to be seriously ill, they are enjoying themselves in bed and gorging on chocolate.

Their uncle is a devoted servant of God and loves his nieces, but he is not a fool. He knows about the exam – and even if he didn’t know, the girls are bad liars. He calls his friend, a doctor. If the girls are ill, he will get them help – and if not, God help them!

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The girls are thoroughly examined, a full check up including a rectal thermometer which is of course shown in detail!  These girls have only themselves to blame for their lies. They endure this humiliating treatment in front of both men. Uncle was right, both girls are fit and well. So he and the doctor decide that such an “illness” is best treated with an enema…and so their real ordeal begins!

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Check out the FREE images from the movie below, click on them to enlarge.


In the film, you get to see all of the above procedure in detail. The looks of the girls faces as the instruments are greased up by the Doc are classic! Even the enema was real, you can see it being administered.
I almost forgot, the spankings and punishments!
Lovers of Lupus films will know they are always severe and when the girls struggle and resist this humiliation then the discipline begins! Milena resists her enema and her uncle does not hesitate to use his hand to improve her morals. His palm reddens her bare backside until she is in tears. Svetlana is treated similarly when she is rude to the doctor. She too gets a well-deserved spanking on her bare bottom!

This is the spanking clip & more (you’ll see) that I have cut
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It’s severe, Uncle has gone spare!!!

8th Commandment

In the final scene, when the girls confess, their uncle (the priest) does not hesitate. With the Bible as his authority he thrashes both girls with the cane on their naked thighs and buttocks. In the Lupus position – on their backs with their legs up!

This is just one of countless many long play films you get to download with the Lupus Membership.

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Happy viewing & regards,


  1. Brad Brad

    I have ordered many many movies from Lupus because of the humiliation along with the spanking theme….AWESOME flicks and man, do they spank and cane the girls hard!


  2. Yes it’s all good stuff. They had to defend their stance as some folk thought they were just heartless morons caning and whipping girls into oblivion.
    However, testimonies from people like Adele Haze and Niki Flynn have put paid to those misconceptions, I believe.
    They’re a whacky bunch of people too! I enjoy watching their efforts! 😀

  3. maria maria

    ik ben een keer betrapt met een vriendin op schoolziek, mijn broer wist ervan en ik moest me bij mijn broer boven melden, hij is broeder in het ziekenhuis hij onderzocht ons en we waren allebei bloot toen moesten we op onze buik liggen en kregen een thermometer tussen onze billen, we hadden eigenlijk niks en toen moesten we naar de badkamer en kregen allebei met een liniaal een flink pak billekoek.

  4. above translated is about thermometers ending up in rude places and rulered buttocks, as far as my babelfish translator Dutch to English can make out 😀 😀

    Looks like Flemmish to me but can’t find a free translation for this 🙁

  5. Lupus/picture website certainly is the most severest spanking and canings on the ladies and girls bare bottoms. watchin their nice white/bare bottom cheeks get redder and redder and seeing the welts slowly line their most beautiful of tender parts shivering and squirming with each stroke means the canings and spankings with all the humiliations attached are very real. The punisher is all cases is cruel and most sadistic with his willing culprits nothing help back in the adminisering of the canings and spankings.

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