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Discipline & Detention

OK, mainly a schoolgirl theme today (hooray!) and that subject of “Detention” which always fascinates me. being a naughty young lad myself at school, I remember the feeling of shame and humiliation of the classic detention, a loss of freedom whilst other kids roamed free outside, I always remember detentions being on sunny days too! Anyway, to this subject, from our manu experiences, and also from our gorgeous girls who film with us, we can establish a very real scenario and fear of detention. For example, some of the models are not told how long or what instruments will be used against them, adding to a genuine unease which the cameras capture immediately!
The best way to feel that shame is to believe what you have done is wrong and accept your punishment, I say!
Well, here we are with some cracking new updates and a familiar face returns in the form of Mr Peters in this never before seen movie out now at SpankedSchoolgirl. Simply called “Detention: Another Level”.

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Why? Mr Peters does indeed takes things to a new level for his poor unfortunates, Jenkins and Harker. See the cover below and if you click on it there’s a brand new gallery showing you what will happen to these girls!!!

click here for the free gallery

Yikes! If you CLICK HERE there is a FREE MOVIE CLIP from this brand new Digitally Remastered movie which members are now currently starting to greedily download (and with good reason!)

Continuing with the Detention theme, check out one of my fave girlies, Jodie, in her rather embarrassing Detention Discipline movie below.

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There is a special Free HD Movie Clip and a FREE Gallery in one which shows you precisely what happens to her in this private one on one punishment when she’s detained after school! OMG – Jodie can look so innocent, but believe you me, she isn’t!! This girl gets everything she deserves, trust me! This movie is available in full at

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From a different network of sites, we have the naughty girl Sophie at Spanked Cutie, I was watching some of her movies that I had archived and this was one of her earlier films where Shanelle detains Sophie in the country kitchen and spanks and straps the daylights out of Sophie’s very mesmersing chunky cheeks! Some fantastic cam angles as well, when she’s stripped, with some glorious facials and zooms on that amazing arse of hers! See what I mean below.

Check out the free Free pics from this movie below

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I was gonna stop but I just got some gallery info in from a site I love the name of and as I checked through some of their content I found some great image sets to share with you and decided to make them a Red Head theme, since I love red head girls so take a look at the pics below, I was really happy that the 1st set has one of my fave American porno actresses, Nicole (or as she is also known as Red Hot Lauren)…typically Nicole is caught vibing her soaking wet pussy and you can see her cum oozing out as she is spanked, a versatile girl, mm mmm! The other girls gave me wood too, I’ll let you all decide.

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Check out the free galleries below, although this site often buys in content, there are many exclusive fantastic sets I haven’t seen before making this a little gem of a site and it also contains strong scenes of a sexual nature as well as the punishment side which every now and then, is just what I need to see online 😀
So sit back, relax… enjoy!

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Damn, seeing those girls has given me serious wood so I may as well post my gorgeous l’il Brazilian girlies now, I’m so far gone! LOL – this blog post has totally lost the plot…rather like this remastered movie package which showed unseen and enhanced footage with 100s of extra pics never viewed before! I have featured this package before, and know it’s a very popular option as PPV over at – where you can also view a 1 minute promo clip from another of these Brazilian films.
The one featured below was the final of the 4 and probably one of my favourites as it had the girls not knowing what day of the week it was, getting punished with their thongs stuffed in their mouths for goodness sake, LOL!
Check out the goodness below  😀 😀

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OK, those on a budget might just want to view ALL the full films of this one package
and can do so via PPV at NaughtyBottom

Chief  🙂

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  1. Oh, Sophie is so Cute 😀 And I really like that redhead 😀

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