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Army Discipline Special

Just a quick update, I watched this movie earlier today, being in the frame of mind to see something in Uniform and remembered this LONG PLAY Olden but Golden Classic recently remastered from the Archives and now solely available to download (it’s an hour long) at SpankingDigital

The Clip above give you an idea of the interaction between the girls and their Sergeants. In all there are 2 Sarges who discipline 3 dishevelled recruits who are a disgrace to their Uniform! Check out the FREE gallery below also showing you what I am on about from this movie, seriously, looking at them, you wanna scream at them to smarten up…don’t worry, they get what’s coming to them!!! 😀

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Options to view this film uninterrupted and in FULL are from the monthly/quarterly memberships via SpankingDigital or the 4 SITE SPANKPASS


  1. I like the military setting of this caning. But the caning itself should have been delivered much harder.

  2. This was just the start, I can assure you! Maybe you think the clip above doesn’t do it justice, but you can see that the cane is hitting hard across her bouncing cheeks!

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