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3rd Annual LOL Day


This is the 3rd Annual event and a chance for you good people to leave a comment here for once. So to those that lurk here, and I know there are a few…just say “Hi”, let me know you’re there and what you’d like to see more of on my humble blog. Don’t be shy – this is for you, my silent and naughty majority of visitors to step up and introduce yourselves.

Considering the large number of visitors that I receive each day, but the comparatively low number of comments left by those visitors, it seemed like a very appropriate occasion to take part in. This is part of an Annual Day across many spanking bloggers :D  Be a part of it on here if you want!

So, to all of my lurkers, here is your chance to shine. Just take a moment to comment to this post, perhaps introducing yourself, or just a quick hello to let us know that you’re out there. Then, stop by Bonnie’s blog to leave a comment, and visit the other blogs who are taking part. All participating spanking and BDSM blogs are listed there, so there will be plenty of reading for our loving lurkers.

Back later, take care…


  1. Catherine Corbet and Pandora Blake that’s a nice LOL day treat. thank you.


  2. dieseldiva dieseldiva

    Your site rocks!! I “lurk” quite often and I’m glad to leave a comment today.

  3. Glad you remembered! Happy LOL Day!

    Dr. Ken,
    Spanking Minnesota

  4. klapkaj klapkaj

    I’ve always been one of your regular contributors and still find yours the best spanking blog around by far. Please keep up the good work, we love the pics & clips you provide and the observations on the spanking scene.

  5. Ah, the one day I’m not on the net is the LOVE OUR LURKERS day :p But it’s beter to say this late than never :p I love your blog Chief!

    Kisses from Justine

  6. aww, thanks everyone 😀
    I promise that there’s some cracking stuff upcoming…

  7. jim middlebrooks jim middlebrooks

    I would love to join and upload to your blog, if you know where a disabled artist who does our Fallen Heroes Portraits for free for thr families would you let me know.

    Thank you


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