Joanna Prichart – Digitally Remastered

SpankingOnline has a fantastic Remastered movie, one which, surprisingly was never shown in full (just a few clips in RM about 3 years ago). Well. all that has changed as our eagle eyed Editor remembered this and wondered where the full movie was when he had a break and wanted to perv around the archives for a bit. So after firing the webmaster responsible for this disgraceful “faux pas” SpankingOnline proudly brings you the FULL remastered Editor’s Cut of one of Joanna’s most amazing films I have ever had the pleasure to view!

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To celebrate this new movie just out in this full format (and at over 2000kbs playback) I cut a clip below, it covers the early humiliation and the first caning scenes before Joanna’s buttocks become really welted in utter shame! Just hearing her plead “Please no cane…not the cane!” – damn, I forgot just how darned good she was to watch getting thrashed! Enjoy this NEW Free Clip never viewed before!


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Oh,  can’t resist showing you part of the bonus clip as well 🙂
Check out this vaginal and asstacular humiliation clip below!!! (click on image)
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Have a good weekend everyone, I know SOL members will viewing the first part of this film 😉

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