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A Competition – FREE Spanking Pics & More!

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great weekend, remember I said I was off to the football? Well, the game was called off as it was so cold the pitch was frozen – just before I was about to travel down ( a 2 hour car journey as well). So then i had to spend the day with the Missus shopping and doing chores which really pissed me off, oh well, maybe next week, eh? 😀
So what I made below is a nice little bonus gallery from the website
SpankingDigital is our oldest dedicated movie orientated website, and I guess I can tell you now, as we are revamping the site design so it will look even better, I will of course inform you HERE as soon as this happens.
In the meantime, click on the crying girl below (she hasn’t been spanked) – but her football (soccer) team was last season by my team and loads of others, so much so, they got relegated. titter

click here

SpankingDigital is part of the standard 4 Site SpankPass network – so for a couple of Quid extra, you’ll get more sites for your hard earned pennies, if you have the time and hard drive space to download all our spanking smut! 😀

As an extra, here’s an incentive, have a guess at the Football team the crying girl was snivelling over at the end of last season, the 1st correct answer will win a 2 week access pass to SpankingDigital! Leave your comment below, one comment per person, I will close this impromptu competition when the winner gets the team right and I’ll announce it on here.

Make sure your email address is correct, it can’t be seen by others, just me, so don’t worry! 
(My hint of the day) – it’s the English Football (soccer) League, there are 92 clubs, however, as she wasn’t happy, work this out for yourself and you’ll narrow the clubs right down!


Finally, Greg, the Mystery Spanker from BunBeatingFun mailed me with his latest update out now

click here

Those of you who might not know, Greg’s site is on location at the seedy motels of the great state of New Jersey, his spanking site lures those wannabee models, dancers and prima donna type girls who are way too above their station in life and far too full of themselves. God knows, I’ve met a few brats like that this side of the Pond too! Anyway, what these brats really deserve is a damned good and humiliating spanking! Greg never disappoints, and this tart is no exception. Even her name is trashy, see Jade-Jolie at BunBeatingFun, I’ve made a special Gallery of the images and promotional clip provided below! Enjoy!!

click here for this gallery

Methinks this little chubby yet curvacious tart should go on a diet, as long as she kept the weight on her fabulous derriere.
I’d have spanked her hard for every pound overweight I’d have reckoned she was! heh heh!

OK, back soon with more updates and spanking stuff very soon!


  1. Andy Andy

    Leicester City as the crying girl’s team? Only relegated blue team I can think of for last year.
    Better look with your pitch conditions next time 🙂

  2. I know nothing about football, so this is a guess. Shrewsbury Town, they are the only team I know of that wear blue and yellow.


  3. Think I made this “competition” too easy….well done Andy, it was indeed Leicester City.

    They were relegated at Stoke City from The Championship to League 1 and made this girl cry last season, their 1st time ever to the 3rd tier of English League football.

    Prefectdt – you are indeed correct, you know nothing about football, but good guess all the same, heh heh 🙂

    Andy, I’ll mail you your access codes later this week, I hope you’re not a Leicester fan 😉

  4. Yes well it is just a silly little game to kill a few hours on a Saturday. It’s not like it is really important like Test Cricket is 🙂


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