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NEW FetishFlixx Spanking Movie & MORE Classics!

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Just released today is a movie called “3 Girls Punished” and is an excellent multi girl discipline movie which not only contains some fantastic strapping spanking and caning scenes – it is also extremely funny with a mad plot and the impromtu lines had everyone in stitches. I have included a FREE gallery and also a short movie clip with one of the scenes that gets the girls giggling. However, I can confirm that their laughter turns to despair as their bottoms are really tested, this started out as a dig at the “Knicker Sniffing” cameraman and ended up as a tearful screen test for 3 of the UK’s best known spanking models, Kara Jayne, Elizabeth Simpson and Natasha (aka Dublin O’Brien).

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Ok, so if you take a look below, you will see the FREE Gallery – this is brand new, I also believe that this movie has not been released before, despite being hidden away in the vaults, so with some careful remastering, here is the finished product!!! Hopefully you’ll catch the humour/humor as the Director here explains to the girls that the jizz they complained about being found in their knickers off set couldn’t have been from the guilty panty sniffing cameraman…I’ll leave the rest for him to explain in the free clip below. 😀
LEFT: FREE gallery – RIGHT: FREE Movie Clip

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So that was the lastest brand new update from FetishFlixx, I had some time today so made some NEW galleries and clips from some excellent movies that I decided to watch again, I have to say I make no secret that I love seeing Debbie thrashed, I was lucky enough to have her over my knee several times. Anyway, check out the really good classics that FetishFlixx has to offer!

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You might see there is also a theme today, OTK spanking! Whatever you may think, this is by far my fave postion, I love to feel a girl squirming and wriggling when they are being spanked across their bare butts, so check out the  clip below, another classic OTK domestic discipline of a young wife by hubby!

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Wanna take a closer look at her thrashed bottom? Click on the images below, very nice, I’m sure you will agree!

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FetishFlixx has 100s of fantastic movies like all of the above, covering Domestic, Schoolgirl, Rosaleen Young’s remastered Films and Girl Girl Punishments. If you’re a spanking movie buff, I really can not praise this site enough, and at about 18-19 GBP as a monthly starting price, with the pitiful state of GB Pound, that’s about 18-19 Euros (yes it’s 1 for 1 just about!) or about 27-28 USD for access to Gigs of spanking movies! Check out the 3 month and longer options, they’re even better value!!!
OK, enough of the hard sell, enjoy the spanking smut and have a great weekend.

I’m beginning to think I’m becoming more of a Masochist as I intend to go watch my football (soccer) team this weekend – they’re bloody useless at the moment, oh well, I like to go and boo and give our overpaid players some grief, it’s what keeps me sane watching their shite on the pitch!!!

Ok, have a good weekend everyone, back on Monday
Regards, Chief.

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