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More Fantastic NEW Updates!

I have been busy watching many spanking movies today, both remastered classics and new movies from the recent film shoot. However, before I go on, I have to inform you that as these sites are priced in GB Sterling, virtually everyone outside of the Uk are now getting even more value as poor old Sterling disappears down the plughole once again…
Graph below shows the fall of the UK Pound against the US Dollar, it’s pretty much the same for ALL major currencies…so you all get MORE for your money!

OK, Check out the latest updates first of all featured at with Elizabeth Simpson and the special clip I had cut previoulsy for mailing list members, I have made it available here now so you get to see part of this lavish humbling big bottom punishment!


click here

Apparently, Elizabeth didn’t like this punishment at all, knowing that her bottom was swaying from side to side, a product of too much merriment over the Xmas and New year period, I gather! Still, I’m partial to a wide behind getting thrashed, especially one like Miss Simpson’s!

Check out more of this movie HERE


Now, talking about big bottoms, this update should be going up today, so enjoy this very special preview of a remastered classic now in muc clearer resolution at
This Russian schoolgirl Natasha (she might actually have been called Natascha or Nataskia, I can’t remember her exact spelling so have called her Natasha here) – she had one of the most hypnotic and mesmersing backsides known to humanity! Don’t beleive me? Check out the first part of this OTK scene and you’ll get to see what I mean!

click here to play

Now imagine what that would look like as she was caned too! There was also a fantastic hand paddling scene which Natasha secretly told us beforehand that she had wanted to do! I remember this all too well, and she was grateful for the experience,a true trooper and a great submissive!




click here 



Now I got sent this image and have to let you know about this gorgeous thing’s blog, “Spanking Amber Grey” I spent some time reading her blog, despite Blogger starting to close access to it, I do hope she gets it hosted elsewhere soon enough!
Click on the image below for more

click to enlarge 

see more here
Nice one, another gorgeous spanko called Amber!!! 😀

Finally, remember I promised my Japanese update? Well, here are my fave Asian girls from…Enjoy!!!

click here

Caught messing around with the paddle in her bedroom by Mother – she’s given a real punishment!



Click below for the free paddling clip of naughty Fuki.
click here to view 

click here

OK, hope you enjoyed these little updates, there’s plenty more coming soon…

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