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Xerotics Group of Sites even cheaper!

How come? Well, first of all, to my American readers on here, welcome to the age of Obama! 😀

Now – all these sites at bill in GB Pounds Sterling, since it’s a UK based company – however, following the collapse again yesterday, the inter bank rate has hovered around 1GBP + 1.37USD, the lowest rate Sterling has been against the US Dollar this decade (I think). Example: as laid out below, if you were to sign up for a membership costing approx 20 GBP last year it would have been about $40, even more as the Dollar was more than 2 to 1 Pound then. However, now your US bankcard would charge in the region of $27-28!!! That’s a hell of a saving! Credit crunch or no credit crunch, that’s a massive saving some of you across the Pond can NOT ignore!

*This also applies to virtually every currency, especially the Euro as well (apart from Iceland and the Easter Island Penny, cos they’re even worse than us, unbelievably).
All data can be found HERE for inter bank rates, you can see the graphs and see I ain’t telling porkies – fibs or … lies.

Check out my recent posts, be safe in the knowledge you are paying FAR LESS than thsi time last year! Check out your individual approx payments and tell me that isn’t good value right now!

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