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NEW Schoolgirls Shamed & Spanked

click here has a fantastic double girl punishment movie with not one, but TWO brand new girls who have NEVER been spanked before wait for the Headmaster in his Study, scene of their crime as they had stolen some of his old books and sold them to a local antiques dealer nearby, however, they’ve been caught out and he’s obvioulsy none too pleased! Just check out the location, the uniforms, the girls, I was bowled over when I saw this movie, and both girls are visably shocked at what happens to each other as they are forced to endure his acid tongue and stinging swats with his firm old hands as he spanks them one by one. CHECK OUT THE SPECIAL FREE SITE PRESENTATION BELOW, images and a great free movie clip, you’ll get to see what it’s about!

click here for this special free site presentation

At the time of writing, the new movie is about to come out, so you early readers on my RSS will get to see this BEFORE any of the SpankedSchoolgirl members! 😀 However, this will be out within an hour of this post going up, still, I’m lightening fast, and another reason I know so many of you come here to read my blog, thanks! 😀

Cathy and Helen look great in their uniforms, and even better, with those regulation knickers yanked down over their bottoms!

click here

SpankedSchoolgirl does it again, it’s easily the BEST dedicated schoolgirl punishment site from the UK, and for lovers of British style discipline, those staid old uniforms, the accents of the girls…enjoy the fresh meat, foolish enough to face Headmaster for a stinging punishment, you can be sure these girls will be back, bottoms bared bent over for more discipline, eh?

Enjoy! May the foolish teens of Britain continue to wind up their Educators and get the discipline they so deserve!
Don’t forget that those of you with Dollar and Euro (well, virtually any foreign account other than UK Sterling) are getting over 30% better value than if you had signed up to the site this time last year!!
Just what you want to hear during these harder times, eh?
Back v soon! Chief

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