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Cracking deals & More Spanking Specials

Now here’s a couple of old classics I watched again this morning, then remembered (to save me time) that there are galleries to promote these awesome films! First from FetishFlixx was poor Emma Brewster, I’m sure you all remember her, brutally punished and caned, a shocking film of a girl humiliated to breaking point!

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For a list of the FULL Movies – Click Here


Then from SpankedSchoolgirl, check out the one and only Catherine Corbet, alone and shivering in the cellar as she waits to be caned by Miss Smith! Catherine admitted afterwards it was a relief to get her bottom warmed up, such was the shame of her shivering with her bare bottom hanging there…well, anything to oblige!

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Exclusive schoolgirl punishments are all at the website!

Next up, who should I see, but Amelia Jane Rutherford, I’ve managed to grab a few stills, check out the rest below
click here for Amelia Jane at GBS

Enjoy the free images below – still one of my fave girls, I just love those long legs and her pert bottom!

See more of this set of Amelia HERE

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I have a new update that I haven’t featured before and after reviewing the site, am very impressed with the folks from FetishNetwork who run a multi site of fetish sites, of which many are spanking orientated, BDSM and various hardcore fetish porn. In fact, I have seen some of the content featured before at and but this site, in my opinion, is far better as it exclusively feature content from Diseno Media (the people who produce content for SpankingServer)

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So what we have here are some very sexy girls, bent over and caned spanked strapped and attched tothe various instruments and implements we all so adore! The bonus of this is that you also get access to loads of other sites, so I am not featuing Trial Offers here, as they’re pointless, there is so much content, though if you have nothing to do, by all means check out the trial offers!
What you get are enhanced movie clips in wmv at a decent bit rate (check out my clips below cut from the members area) and there are over 200 sets and movies at this one site alone.
See what I mean and enjoy the images and clips below!

Click image below to play this Movie Clip
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Check the images of Landry (aka Sandra Sanchez, I think…a gorgeous Czech babe!!!)


Eva had been walking around school without panties flashing her fellow classmates. She saw this as a big joke, and a way to make her dull life all the more exciting. The headmaster however saw this and took immediate action. She was not to make a mockery of the school and everything it stood for, and thus she must be taught a lesson. The next day he had her take off the panties she had finally put on, just so he could see her pretty pink pussy squirm in pain as he paddled her soft ass, teaching her that lesson.

You get to see Eva’s gorgeous ass squirm, what a sight!!!

Finally today, Spanking Orgasm, I loved this movie, a glistening ass caned and the naughty slut getting off on that stinging pain, her pussy dribbling with excitement!!!

Click image below for the Free Movie Clip
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Sylvia is one of those repeat offenders, always coming back to the wardens punishment room, always in some form of trouble. It is made apparent that the harder Sylvia was spanked, the more and more she screams. Whether they are screams of pain or pleasure, the wardens aren’t sure. Nonetheless they punish the little slut, thinking that someday she will learn, but we know she secretly gets off on this!


Elite Spanking is part of the multi site FetishNetwork


OK, finally, I have a couple of images and a free clip from the very latest Simpson Movie as she enjoys spanking and using the hairbrush across a very arrogant Hannah – movie is surprisngly called… Elizabeth & Hannah 😀

A tarty Hannah, all made up in her uniform gets it hard from Elizabeth who has had enough of her neice’s crappy behaviour!
Click on large image for the free clip and the thumbs for the free pics! This will be available to members later today at SPANKMYBOTTOM

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Back tommorow with more fresh content! Chief

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