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Friday’s Spanking Updates

Weekend is almost here, so I better get a fair few updates and fave stuff I’ve been viewing earlier…First up is a NEW Girl and an EXCLUSIVE UPDATE at STRICTSPANKING.comThis South American honey is called Angela Cortez and she is from Colombia, a student a long, long away from home and at the mercy of us English as her bottom gets a proper thrashing!

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I asked Miss Strict about exclusive updates and this was the answer I got, the new film coming to her site – “Waiting for a Severe Caning” I have been given the movie and was absolutely blown away with it! This Angela, sultry, dark skinned is cute as hell, she also cries so beautifully when being spanked and caned, it got the ol’ woodage of the Chief well and truly rock hard! Enough waffle, take a look at this gorgeous girl, check the FREE Gallery, this has NEVER been shown anywhere else, so make the most of the NEW Movie Update!!

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She’s so nervous she spends time on the toilet between her spanking and caning, and of course the cameras follow her to the loo as well! She admitted after that she felt really ashamed, the lights and cameras peering at her as she spent a penny… No if you liked that Gallery of this beauty, see this short clip of her below as she cries out, tell me that’s not a turn on!!!


Angela’s movie is only available at – and I have been promised there will be plenty more exclusive updates like this coming very soon!!!!

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Now check out a couple of movies I was watching earlier, one really impressed me, I had missed this completely, so it has ended up as a mailer immediately to advertise the great movie with Jasmine as a very naughty secretary (and boy does she look horny in those stockings!!!!) – and the other movie is a corker of an amateur setting, being a Friday, I can imagine this couple still at it today! LOL
Both movies are available from the SPANKPASS Network, otherwise available at the sites shown.

click here for this gallery

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click here click here

As I said, you can also view these movies via the fantastic value 4 SITE SPANKPASS

click here for the 4 sites access


OK, now  must warn you about the next update from as it’s f*cking HOT!!!!

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I bet many of you have imagined spanking Amber, god, I know I have, but she is only for her “Daddy” and he is one lucky fella, imagine having that redhead hottie all to yourself, able to spank and have your wicked way with this horny firecrotch! Well, take a look at this latest update as Amber really asks for it and performs a sexual act (ahem) on her lucky partner… owner of the TMC (The Mystery Cock) 😀 😀

Amber gets it good!

This is what Amber’s Daddy sees as he bears down on her… check out the thumbs below for larger pics, warning, viewing this will cause severe trouser arousal! Loosen undergarments before continuing!

best when she's bad - see here!!!

Phew! Finally, imagine yourself fantasizing, as one does from time to time….well, see what this chap (yes, that really is an early pic of Paul & his good lady, Lucy, on the right – from Northern Spanking) as he is reads his FHM mag, he dreams of spanking half naked girls… let SpankingArchives take you to his fantasies! See below…

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With that, I bid you a great weekend… Chief.

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