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Niki Flynn – Truth Hurts!

I had many mails recently about Niki Flynn – well, I am also a fan of hers and so I have found this cracker! I call this her short hair period (2005/06, from memory) and she did an awful lot of movies which are featured in full, this one is out to view in full from StrictSpanking – A cracking schoolgirl punishment that she does so well! See the way she avoids and pleads NOT to be caned by Miss Hastings! Love it!! Remember that this clip is a BONUS from me to you my esteemed readership! Enjoy!!!
click here for the free gallery click here
Now isn’t that a great clip of Niki? She acts so well, however, I do know that Miss Hastings Gore is no slouch when it comes to the cane and her stinging strokes are feared, rightfully, by all bent over before her, naked bottom stuck high in the air!
Check out StrictSpanking for more remastered and exclusive schoolgirl updates

Now don’t forget about the Offer I mentioned – The GOLD TICKET PASS
This really is a cracking offer, keenly priced and already attrracting a lot of attention, I heard that once a quota has been reached, it’ll be pulled, so as it’s selling well, I doubt it’ll be around for long!

Back later with more NEW updates and some naughty punishments I watched earlier today, they’re a cracker, now I just gotta prepare it for the blog (groan..more hard work!!)


  1. sdreger sdreger

    I like, Niki Flynn

  2. Lisa Lisa

    My partner spanks me every Friday evening and I need it. I quite imagine he enjoys it as it always ends in a marvellous buggering!!
    If I’m not totaly repentant, my girlfriend, who is always present and holds me down, gets buggered in front of me and I’m in a state of flux for the rest of the weekend.

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