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Schoolgirls & Brats on Friday 13th

A bad day for some, as these schoolgirls and brats below discover. Below is another NEW FULL update from SPANKEDSCHOOLGIRL.COM

This stars New girl Louise getting her very first spanking on film as we see her wobbly teen buttocks thrashed before she is sent packing to school, her cheeks smarting with pain!

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This already has a free film clip on the present page, and I have collected a few free never before released images from the movie, enjoy!!!


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Well, as the full movie is out now and to celebrate that fact, check out this free gallery and different clip presentation below, this tearful teen with the rather unfortunate birthmark on her bottom

spank here

Which to me looks like a target.. AIM… RAISE HAND…and S_P_A_N_K!!!, LOL! Actually it’s quite sexy, and seeing as this is her daddy spanking her, his intentions are solely to punish the stupid brat, and he does a fine job. Imagine her humiliated as she boards the school bus, her bottom throbbing – and what’s more, she has gym class later…what will her friends think when they see the tell tale marks? She should have thought about that before!

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A brand new Schoolgirl Movie is also available at SPANKINGONLINE.COM
This stars Catherine O’Hara, who has been warmly received after some of her fimne performances, well, this EXCLUSIVE update at SpankingOnline, shows off her incredible arse again, a mesmerising pair of buttocks when thrashed, watching her punishment close up was strangly hypnotic!!!

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Catherine faces the prospect of the slipper (a hard slippering) or Expulsion from school! This complete update has Hi Res images as well giving SpankingOnline their rightful place as one of the best sites around, I love these schoolgirl period pieces, great uniforms and great girls as always…check out a few sneak preview pics below, these are reduced in size but you’ll get the idea!

…and if you click on poor Catherine’s exposed privates below, you’ll get access to a FREE gallery & Movie Clip page 😀
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I had to include this amazing update from Amber who is such a horny hot tease, who wouldn’t want to have this lovely brat over your knee? be prepared to be blown away by this super gallery of Amber’s latest update out now to download at

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This week she’s being her lazy self in those flirt panties reading Anais Nin. Amber feels she’s being productive by reading erotica but daddy disagrees. He straps her with a thick leather strap, then a thin one, a wooden spatula, then gives her a short break whilst she dances and shows him her red butt before he takes her OTK and finishes her already tender cheeks with his hand! Stunning! 😀

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Visit SPANKAMBER to see ALL her latest movie updates

Last update today comes from GoodSpanking and it’s an old movie I watched called House Rules starring the horny blonde Ashley Fires and the one and only Samantha Woodley circa 2004, I think it was. Anyway, such a classic with 2 exremely spankable brats, check out the free RM clip below, indeed GoodSpanking from the Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment studios lives up to its name!!! Click below for this free clip. RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE TARGET AS – it’s a 3 minute clip but it is 43MB in size.

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Below are some scenes from this movie




Mmmm, these girls sure have some fine spankalicious booty!

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You get access to twice as much content at a reduced price and it’s definitely worth a look, especially when you see horny films like the above 3 minute clip!

Have a good weekend everyone!

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  1. Anton Anton

    Louise is a wonderful new addition to the scene… Can’t wait to see her under the cane.

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