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Sasha Harvey’s Most Extreme Punishment

Wow! This is a blast from the past and for those that didn’t know, I have ALWAYS rated this movie one of her finest moments when I was lucky enough to be there on one of the cameras! Loosley based on a true story (she arrived late for the Film Shoot at the time) and she was promised that this last punishment film of the day would reflect the severity of her offense, she submitted to it and the you will see here, is history! 1st Check the FREE Gallery below: 

Now I have cut a couple of short clips for you to check out, they both have some wonderful facial reactions and also some DAMNED HARD SPANKING & STRAPPING shots of Sasha’s poor tired and flogged arse cheeks, you can see this is the end of the day! I can’t remember if she had a problem sitting down shortly afterwards, but I would imagine that was pretty painful!

Mmm, I promised I’d be back, hope this was worth it! 😉
Regards, Chief

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