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Gemma’s Punishment Needs

Hello everyone, I’m still recovering from the amazing new site and their EXCLUSIVE NEW CONTENT 

 I will be posting about more of their films and further reviews shortly, but today I wanted to start a NEW Feature here at SpankingBlogg where I showcase old and favourite films of mine from various spanking sites around the globe! I’ll be tagging this in “Classic Spanking Memories” and it’s sure to be a winner!

So to start today, here is a lesser known film from that has it all, extreme and severe home discipline by Uncle of his neice in her school uniform, her pyjamas, in fact, poor Gemma (below) is punished on a regular basis, but don’t feel too sorry for her, this stupid brat deserves everything she gets, and as you’ll see – SHE SURE DOES!
Gemma's Punishment Need

FetishFlixx contains 4 Exclusively Remastered Hi Resolution Film Sections:
Schoolgirl – Domestic – Rosaleen Young & Girl/Girl.
There are now 100s of films to download with yoru membership, but I will focus on this film today!

This film “Gemma’s Punishment Needs” is based in the “Schoolgirl Section”, and as a bonus, she’s punished at home by her fed up Uncle who only knows how to discipline as you’ll see from these punishments that I have shown from one day to another, they get harder and nastier in his effort to sort out his damned neice! Check out the 1st strapping clip and images below as Gemma’s already red swollen and bruised wobblesome cheeks are given a darned good leathering with his own unique brand of verbal chastisement and humiliation!
 click here click here click here

The following day, Gemma is caned hard & sent to bed early. What you’ll see is her summoned in her pyjamas, and once again, her large bare bottom gets a horrible thrashing with Uncle’s trusty Rattan Rod! This is a severe scene of caning and the images and clip below will give you an idea of what gemma suffered, I think you’ll appreciate the force of the cane and those welts as testamount to the severity of her humiliating caning! Added to that, as the stinging sensation started to burn on her cheeks, she was forbidden from rubbing them better!!! Free images and clip below:
click here click here gemma7

This is a reasonably long play movie (approx 30 minutes in length) and lovers of schoolgirl and home discipline will enjoy the interaction of gemma and her Uncle! This film is part of the 100s available to download today.

If any of you wish to share or discuss your experiences or want me to review a film, please leave your comments or mail me.


  1. Arnold Landwaard Arnold Landwaard

    If you say Gemma’s Punishment is to be found in FetishFlixx – Schoolgirl department I would like to know under which title this was uploaded. I do have the experience with your network that many a title is renamed to mistify the customer.
    I do have a membership, spelled out all 4 tabs, to find dear Gemma (yes I have it on VHS, so I would love to see the red more detailed!!) but … no, I will have to continue life without Gemma getting it in high resolution. That is of course the case if you cannot find Gemma also!!
    As brothers in spanking I hope you can help me out!!

  2. Apologies, I thought it was in the Schoolgirl section, but it’s not difficult to find, as I said it was a domestic discipline movie of a schoolgirl, it’s in the DOMESTIC section, title and thumbnail of Gemma in “Punishment Needed” third row down, click on that and it will lead you to the download page.

    Sorry, not an attempt to mislead, and as I don’t work directly for the company i am not responsible for their content layout etc.
    Hope you understand.

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