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Naughty Toilet & Humiliating Spankings

I thought I’d completely LOWER the tone today and reminisce about some old toilet/spanking movies which involved a lot of shameful scenarios and some naughty scenes such as the Polish exchange student, Elizabet, caught short needing to empty her bladder and the bloody ignorant girl goes and pees on Headmaster’s path.
WTF? Is it some form of East European “dirty protest” ??

Well, the daft cow is caught and of course you can imagine the anger or Headmaster as he leads her by her ear to the storeroom around the back where no one is going to hear her cries and pitiful snivelling as he canes the hell out of her! Bravo, Sir – and it was a great movie to watch again. All below movies inspired me to ensure these galleries are back online again – hoorah! Click on image below for 1st FREE gallery

click here to view


Joanna Pritchart is one of those rare girls that begs trouble on her, and this movie was a very cruel punishment but she only had herself to blame! She had constantly disrupted classes with Miss Hastings Gore and to teach her a lesson, Joanna was made to stand precariously above a nasty old container and if she needed to do her “toilet” then she’d have to use that, however, if she did go, her punishment would be so severe, she’d be unable to sit down for weeks! let’s see what happens in this movie below, it made me laugh as well as being a great punishment movie!

click here

See Joanna in the FULL Movie HERE

Finally, from SpankedSchoolgirl, the last of the 3 films I was watching was this old remastered classic that had 2 rather embarrassed girls waiting outside Head’s Study with old style chamberpots, with their samples sloshing about to add to their unease! Head reckons he has devised a test to see if they have been masturbating in the Dorms – a mad plot bt thoroughly enjoyable to watch their detention punishment! See the images below

click here

All these toilet themed films are exclusive to SPANKEDSCHOOLGIRL

You can catch them all at the moment with a reduced TRIAL OFFER and vastly reduced rebill option after, so if you think the above films are something you’d like to watch, then make the most of the Offer  😀


Finally continuing with the schoolgirl theme, I see that there is a fabulous update of a new schoolgirl movie at BRITSPANK – probably one of my fave websites at the moment, if you’re into NEW and exclusive schoolgirl spankings etc from England – then this is the site to view!
Jasmine and Catherine get a fearful strapping before their breakfast, they won’t admit to scrumping pears from the old neighbour’s orchard, despite evidence proving otherwise – well, you can imagine the punishment that happens next, and this review of the NEW EXCLUSIVE FILM lets us see what the film is about – can’t wait to download it myself later! heh heh  :D  😀

breakfast strappings - click here

Both Jasmine and Catherine feature in many EXCLUSIVE schoolgirl themes together and in their own seperate unfortunate situations at BRITSPANK- SEE THE FULL EXTENSIVE TOURS HERE

Chief’s tip of the day! (keep this one quiet)
I have noticed that if you sign up to BRITSPANK there is also an option to sign up to their sister site STRICTSPANKING for approx $10 with low rebills for life of the membership!!!
That’s a nice little offer  😉

OK, have a great weekend
laters, Chief

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    Isthis authentis schoolgirlpunishment / Can you name any school where any pupil has to remove clothing for his or punishment?

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