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Extremely Humiliating Punishments

Spanking memories time!!! So bear with me if you’ve seen these before, the mood I’m in, I just had to share these outrageous discipline classics with you all. They were all filmed many years ago and part of the awesome SpankPass Archives, I’m hoping the webmasters see my little plug and perhaps if they can locate these classics, to give them the FULL Remaster treatment they so thoroughly deserve! But for now, as always, they are STILL EXCLUSIVE to this Network, the only place to view them, I give you a wonderful punishment of dirty Kara Jayne (below) caught pissing herself during a punishment, and then forced to clean up the filthy mess after!

WARNING: Pissy spanking filth :D  😀



Now if that has got you going, check out Simpson’s all time ultimate humiliation (once again, apologies to those that have seen it, but I know there are many that haven’t!!!)

Simpson CANED & BUGGERED! Her one and only time & in school uniform!
NO WARNINGS NEEDED! It’s just pure punishment filth!!!


What can I say? This is why little gems like this makes the SpankPass Network one of the most consistent top sellers anywhere and they are STILL producing damned fine stuff and all on HD cams for several yaers ahead of the opposition! Just needed reminding you good foilks that this really is the only multi spanking site worth grabbing, see for yourself and SEE THE AWESOME 6 MONTH OPTIONS!!!


  1. Brad Brad

    Ahhh yes Chief, another one of my favorite vids. Sweet little kara jayne wetting herself??

  2. I remember the first time I watched it, she just started peeing and couldn’t stop!! KJ was such a naughty slut!

  3. Def. not my personal thing, but to each his own, as the cliche goes 🙂


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