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Hard Schoolgirl Punishments!

1st of all, it’s July 4th, so to all my American readers, “Happy Independence Day”…233 years & counting (you’ll come crawling back one day – heh heh). I doubt many of you will be reading this today, as it’s a big excuse to spend time with the folks, go out, picnic etc, but when you all come back, here’s a massive schoolgirl punishment post for us all to enjoy!!!

I have got some amazing early footage and free spanking or caning sets which in general will be shown here first, and if not, it compliments the great stuff I have for you today!

NEW release (a remastered long play movie) comes from NAUGHTYBOTTOM and it stars Sara & tiny Rowina (Sara is about 5’10 or 11 and Rowina can only be about 5 feet tall if she’s on tiptoes…). They are 2 Senior Girls who have been summoned to the rear of Head’s Study where he punishes all the girls, it’s the quiet corner where no one can hear the girls crying, and believe you me, when he starts to strap and cane both girls, they do indeed cry out in pain, this is not a new movie, but once again, remastered and now made part of a special package of cheap download films in this format! Click on the images below and you will get a FREE gallery and a really good FREE Strapping Clip of Sara’s perfect sore bottom! I chose this clip as you can see Rowina look on in terror at what was to come for her!!! ENJOY!! They are both EXCLUSIVE 1st shows to this blog!


FREE strapping CLIP



The 2nd of my updates is a movie from SPANKED CUTIE which I watched earlier this morning and decided to make a free gallery and show you a couple of clips so you’d understand what a cracking movie this is!

more here

First of all, the girl being punished is painfully thin, we’ve seen some really thin girls like mad Emily I have featured before, which is why this film caught my attention when it first came out! Although it’s in Real Media Format (unfortunately) the quality, as you will see, is still very good and you get to see everything you need to of the entire punishment and I can tell you the Gym Mistress (I believe she’s Hungarian and a real bitch!!!) takes no crap off this fragile thing! Checkout the FREE Gallery below, what you’ll see, is that although she has a tiny thin waist, her buttocks have considerable flesh on them, just as well, as she’ll need all the padding she can get from her spanking and caning that follows…

FREE Gallery below
free gallery

Click on the image below for the spanking scene – apologies for the cut clip at start, but I don’t have decent software to cut RM format, whatever one I use, there’s always a delay of 4-5 seconds, but you get to see the following important scenes (so bear with it, it’s WELL WORTH IT!)

sg spanking clip

click here for more

sg caning clip

Yikes! & this is just the tip of the nasty but very watchable film of this schoolgirl punishment! Spanked Cutie is often overlooked, god knows why, as their archives are vast and with real hard punishments of teens and naughty pretty girls, it’s a great site! Check out the FREE TOUR AREA HERE

click here for more


NEW SITE has had some amazing new updates recently and they’ve kept me busy downloading all the new content which is totally remastered movies with re edited scenes focussing on just the one thing and one thing only…CANED SCHOOLGIRLS! Now the latest update, which you might have seen advertised elsewhere is a real cracker and this long play film has 3 varied schoolgirls, Kara Jane and Sarah Collins, as well as busty glamour girl Petra, these 3 are spanked strapped and caned in a long wonderful movie, it’s never been released beyond the humble RM format from the past , so seeing it in crystal clear 2000kbs WMV format totally blew me away…FREE gallery of this movie with 45 FREE images is below!

3 girls caned

Wow! I promise you the full movie is just something else! (also check out CanedSchoolgirl’s new sign up options such as vastly reduced prices for 3 and 6 month memberships) If  just wanting to view caned schoolgirls is your thing, this is the site for you!


OK, I have to warn you that the next FREE Gallery from the latest new movie at FETISHFLIXX will cause severe trouser arousal, so if you are wearing tight fitting pants, please go adjust them now!

FetishFlixx have just released a totally remastered movie starring Ellie May in her gingham schooldress getting a severe whacking off 2 perverted gurdians at a country retreat, however, as she interupted their filthy ass play, she i horribly punished by the couple who take turns to teach her a lesson! A story of rural discipline and to teach nosey schoolgirls to not poke their noses in other people’s business! OK, now that I warned you, see this fantastic free galley that I have made EXCLUSIVELY to show here FIRST! Sit back, relax, loosen the clothing and enjoy…

ellie may punished

I can tell you the movie is awesome and some of the recent additions to FetishFlixx have been amazing, I always champion this site and have no problems recommending it as the archives of Hi Res movies are second to none! SEE this and some more Ellie Maye movies HERE


Finally a special Schoolgirl Announcement! have a special offer on, so if you want to fill yourself full of yet MORE schoolgirl punishment goodness (and who wouldn’t?) check out Justine and her classmates below!

Naughty slut Justine wants to talk to you!

OK, I hoped you enjoyed my free schoolgirl spanking and caning updates, they really do the sites I featured justice. Enjoy the Holiday weekend!
Regards, Chief.

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