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Hard – Sexy & Deserved Punishments!

I have plenty of FREE Spanking & Caning Galleries and free clips to keep you occupied for the start of the weekend and there’s a great and varied theme to pique your interest! I have to start with a severe schoolgirl caning update which is NEW at and this remastered film really is the biz as these girls take a real hard and humiliating caning off a very pissed off Miss Hastings! Why? Girls caught stealing deserve all they get!

Check out this great free gallery below and there is a FREE SEVERE Caning Clip on the home page HERE

FREE Gallery - click here

If you’re into seeing girls in authentic school uniforms get their bare buttocks thrashed with the Rod, and then some, then this movie, along with the many remastered classics with extra caning scenes and cam angles will be right up your steet!

I have been meaning to do this update for ages now as Greg , the Mystery Spanker from BUN BEATING FUN informed me last week about his latest cracking update of new modelling brat, Ella from Philadelphia. I have visited Philly a few times over the years, and on one such occassion when I was doing the touristy bit, I was told it was “bad luck” for an Englishman to touch the “Liberty Bell” (can’t remember why it was cracked, get a new one for goodness sake) anyway, I dared to touch it and it’s fair to say my life has been ruined ever since, thank you Philadelphia …and thank you Greg for taking this uppity brat to a sleazy run down NJ motel and giving her “what for”

You can see a few dozen images and a free clip from this latest long play movie!

See Ella's punishment here

For more model reviews and brats punished in New Jersey’s sleazy and not so run down roach motels (and there’s many!) – CLICK HERE

One hot honey I haven’t featured in ages is the very sexy Amber Dawn from!
Well, I forgot that I had an update planned from April and shelved it when I went away for a few days, I found it as I was watching some of her content, the new smutty stuff which I highly approve of. If seeing girls perform sexual acts during spankings are not your thing, then don’t check out the end of this post, but first, what Amber does so well, when she’s really been bad, is cry. I don’t know if it’s because it’s her time of the month, you know…surfing the crimson wave, but she gets super bratty and this winds up her “Daddy” that he will often spank her to tears! See one such example below!

click here

ass02 ass03 ass04

ass05 ass06 ass07

To see more of this fantastic punishment – CLICK HERE

Now Amber has started showing some more sexually provocative content recently, and I gotta say, seeing this redheaded hussy taken to orgasm whilst she is being mercilessly spanked and performing lots of naughty acts on her man, including him having to endure some face sitting (what a pain that must have been – sigh) See the naughty spanking smut below:
Do not view in tight fitting garments

click here

amb1 amb2 amb3

Amber’s HOT burning ass is soothed with cool water and then Amber gets to work on her man’s severly aroused Trouser snake as she sits and squirms on his face whilst he attempts tocarry on spanking and groping her tender perky butt!

amb4 amb5 amb6

amb7 amb8 amb9

Best when she’s bad? damn right!!! CLICK HERE to view the FULL HOT Movie

Finally before I go, I have to have a quick gloat while I can over our colonial cousins from Australia as England are currently (at the time of writing) MURDERING them in the Ashes 2nd test at Lords.


This of course will make no sense to anyone outside of our 2 great nations as it’s cricket, but this Ashes Series looks like being a corker!!!

OK, have a great weekend and before I sign off, whay not check out some of my choice FREE Galleries below!
Have a very happy spanking few days off to those that are lucky enough! Chief.


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