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Yikes! MORE SPECIAL OFFERS spotted!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend, I’m a bit of an aeroplane geek so enjoy watching various airshows here in the UK, and at the weekend there was the 100th anniversary of the Royal Navy in the air with special guest appearances from other nations and included the only flying example of the old nuclear deterrent Britain used in the Cold War, the mighty Vulcan bomber, unique as it had a massive delta shape wing. Retired in 1984 and saw service in the Falklands conflict of ’82, though without nuclear bombs as that had been long surpassed by missiles, she was a grand old bird and it’s just sad that there’s just one example left when there used to be squadrons of the things! Sadly, the bloody thing couldn’t fly due to a brake failure or something so what with the expected British summer weather ruining many a flying display with rain and very low grey cloud cover, value for money was far from my mind!
Yeah, it was a nice day out in the driving wind (sigh) – but the weather really ruined the finale display which on any other day would have been awesome! (see some pics below) (I’ll be getting to the point of this post in a minute, honest)

So what point am I making? Oh yeah, you know when you sign up to offers etc sometimes only to find there’s hidden catches ot you feel let down with what you’ve purchased? Well, worry not, like my dismal experience over the weekend with the weather ruining what would be a great day out, the below offer I have found will NOT disappoint in any way!

Sign up for just $8.95 for full access and check out the low rebill rates against normal pricing!

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Now I have some special free movies and galleries below (you may have seen some of these, but it’s really just to highlight the site) so you can see the varied and amazing content currently available and now on offer from some recent updates! Click on images below for galleries and free clips, enjoy!

click here

click here

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If you want to take advantage of this offer, if you CLICK HERE ON THIS LINK – it will take you to the home page and you should see the SPECIAL OFFER link at the top – click that and it will take you to the special pricing page. You might also want to know that there are now many cross sales which you can take advantage of, these offer low sign ups and (in my opinion) ridiculously low rebills for the life of that membership!
Seriously, with offers like these you’d be mad NOT to take advantage of them!

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I have also just seen that there is also a really cheap offer at SLUTSPANKING!

2 Day sign up – $2.95 with a really low rebill (more than HALF the usual price should you stay!)

CLICK HERE FOR SLUTSPANKING & more INFO! (there’s some sample galleries below)


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