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Exclusive “Coming Soon” to CanedSchoolgirls

News just in, this is one longed for remaster I have been waiting for some time and it’s coming to Caned Schoolgirls next week! Called HeadMaster’s Ways, it has 2 girls caught by teacher Miss Smith forging report and pass cards at school, a caning offence! Headmaster, a stickler for discipline, takes on the “dirty job” (well, someone has to lead by example, eh?) of caning these girls in front of each other and Miss Smith!

Check out the SpankingBlogg exclusive remastered vid grabs below and a special “Welted Bottom” vid clip that gives you a real idea of what to expect! This is stern stuff, so usual warnings about “Trouser Arousal” and “Severely welted bottoms” when viewing will apply!!!


Ashleigh is first up for the cane, and it brings her to real tears due to the severity!
hm2 hm31 hm4
Followed by prefect Sabrina, getting a really hard caning that it leaves visable angry red welts!
hm5 hm6 hm7
BONUS!! Even Miss Smith was not immune, as he punishes her for allowing the girls to misbehave!


CanedSchoolgirls is dedicated to just one thing as the name suggests, schoolgirls getting punished with the Rod, the most hated of any instrument, see only Hi Res remasters and special director’s cuts of teens caned to tears in their uniforms at school and at home! CHECK THE HOME PAGE HERE for updates and free clips and I will notify you all when this excellent movie is out for download!

Can’t wait? I don’t blame you, this is a cracking site, sign up below:

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