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Free Weekend Spanking Goodies!

I’ve got something old, something new and something borrowed (from a colleague’s site) and i’d need to find something “blue” (I’ll work on that as I type this post! 😉

The old film which I just watched again (which is awesome, is one of Elizabeth Simpson’s earliest films) It’s called “Caned Cheeks” and this long play movie (it’s nearly 40 minutes long, really lives up to its name, poor Elizabeth meets her match opposite Mr Peters, the mad bad teacher! Now I know I have featured this in the past, (but to those who can’t be arsed to check the archives, and even I don’t know where the hell it is, here’s a new up to date gallery with a great preview movie clip and some cracking images, you’ll get the feel of what this film is about immediately!

canedcheeks - click here

I’ve just had a cold shower after watching Elizabeth suffer horribly, her bottom severely welted and her Gingham dress unable to hide her modesty. Only FetishFlixx has this HI QUALITY format movie and it’s well worth checking out their tour pages to see the movies covered, be warned, their tour pages are very tempting, but boy, it’s worth a look!!!


OK, something new, brand new update from SPANKINGARCHIVES. In fact, I have never seen this film before so am unsure if it’s something the webmaster has found as I thought I had seen EVERYTHING to do with the wonderful Victoria, but looks like I’m wrong, and – oh boy, is it a treat! Worth signing up just to see Victoria in something brand new, I was never able to get enough of this lassie! See her strapped and caned in this film called “LIAR LIAR!”

Liar Liar

Hmm, caught lying? I’m sure we all know liars and how they should be dealt with, eh?

liar2 liar3 liar41

liar5 liar6 liar7


See Victoria strapped & caned in this EXCLUSIVE Movie HERE

OK, now to something borrowed? Well, one of the guys I sometimes work with and help out is Harika at the free site (he’s got some nice stuff there as you’ll see) anyway, there’s a beautiful girl called Aileen at the girl next door type site SPANKED-AT-HOME and this newbie is just stunning! A sort or half Asian mix, she has big alluring eyes and a very cute and extremely sexy butt that just cries out to be thrashed! Unfortunately, I’m not her partner, but the real life boyfriend of Aileen punishes her on film – I’d have no control and I’d probably end up making a “scene” fumbling with her private parts, disgraceful really as I should be old enough to know better! LOL

Click on Aileen to see more of her 1st film “Spelling Test” mmm
See more of Aileen here

This full film, and stunning real girls filming their real events at home like Justine from Norway and other newbie Nadine, to name but a few are ONLY available via the Spanked at Home website

Finally I got to find something “BLUE” I was gonna just post some blue porn, but that would be crass, porn is everywhere, so enjoy this cute blue pic (awwww) and if you click on it, it leads to more free spanking glory (no cats, I promise!)
Everyone have a great weekend, be good, back soon.


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