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Very Naughty Spanking Movie

The full movie just released and remastered at FetishFlixx is out now to download. It is called “Spank Me then lick my Bare Bottom”. What a mouthful…literally!!! An absolute filthy snd smutty movie that starts innocently enough as you see Zara (aka Abbie) dressed in bottom baring tight trousers was desperate to get her teenage bottom soundly spanked. Click on the image below which shows you the FREE Gallery, I have also included a couple of EXCLUSIVE FREE Movie clips showing you what you’ll see from this naughty film!!

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She also knew that after her spanking – her buttocks would be throbbing & rather than wank herself off she begged for her pussy and gaping arse to be sucked and penetrated! You’ll get to see her bottom spanked first in the clip below:

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With her bottom red & aching after her spanking she then bent forward and stuck out her cheeks. Then in the full movie you’ll be able to see her grind herself off against Micky’s intrusive tongue deep inside her crack and working on her clit as she cums hard, Pure Spanking Smut! I’ve got some part of the action, but of course the best is for MEMBERS, naturally!

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Don’t miss this latest movie which compliments many naughty and classic films which have become EXCLUSIVE to FetishFlixx


  1. brad brad

    YEEEEAH, my membership just ran out with 1stchoicespanking…lol. What an awful mistake it was joining that site. My god…..2 updates in one month and very little choice of movies.
    J…..O….K….E of a site

    Off to join good ole SOL….

  2. 2 updates in a month? shocking 🙁

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