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Beware the Lesbian Landlady!

Clare Fonda has surpassed herself yet again as she brings us this excellent new production at Girl Spanks Girl (fast becoming one of my fave sites) with the long play FF spanking and punishment videos. Luckily for Clare, she’s such a fine host, I hear, that the spanking girls just “LOVE” to spend some time at her place in “The Valley” and of course, the adorable Amber Pixie Wells recently made a tour of the West Coast and visited Clare again as well as other fabled spanking producers out that way!

What a subject! The Lesbian Landlady, LOL…the title sounds so wrong and naughty, and in the first part that I’ve seen…it damn well is! I’ve got you a special link to the first part now out with a free video clip and wonderful images of both Clare and Pixie’s wondrous bare ass! Just click on any image below and it will go to a special free Lesbian Landlady download page.

Pixie gets it across Clare's knee!

In this first episode Amber Pixie Wells plays naive Pixie who stumbles upon Clare’s “FOR RENT” sign. Clare is horny for innocent looking girls and lets this delicious young hottie stay for free! But she can’t keep her hands off Pixie. After spying on her in the shower and smacking her ass around the house, Clare gets jealous that Pixie has a boy over and it erupts in a furious spanking.

Clare looks deep up Pixie's crack and her lovely red cheeks!

Hell hath no fury like the Lesbian Landlady scorned and Pixie is forced to crawl and fetch the hairbrush for more OTK punishments. Now she is Clare’s little pet. She waits in the corner with her panties stuffed in her mouth for Clare to take her for a walk. Now that Pixie has learned nothing is free  – she will face more domestic disciplinary challenges in further episodes of “The Lesbian Landlady”.

Pixie is now Clare's pet

Can you resist watching Pixie with her girly panties down, her beautiful bare bottom fully exposed and with that gorgeous hair straightened look (great facial reactions in this movie BTW!!)


Or via the Clare Fonda Superpass HERE



A New Clare Fonda site with beautiful women in diapers. Some have a diaper punishment some are diaper lovers and there’s also a bit of spanking, rectal temperature taking, mouthsoaping, cornertime, and butt plugs!!! All the brand-new photos and videos are shot in Hi Def/Hi Res and starting from only $19.95 a month.

Updates twce a week  – All original content – Diaper punishments and diaper lovers

Check out these 1st show Galleries below which will give you an idea of the site and also check out the home page tour so you can see the various beautiful girls in these naughty and demeaning situations and revealing sexy punishments!

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  1. the Serial Spanker the Serial Spanker

    Pixie, with compliments to Rosaleen Young, is the most spankable babygirl on the planet, in my opinion. Adult spanking has as strong sexual element to it, and Pixie is a very sexual girl. And of course, the ever-delicious (and very spankable) Clare Fonda just adds to the spicy mix. Just as an aside, I think Miss Fonda should have been discovered spanking Pixie, then bared and thrashed herself. Ah, but that’s for another time.
    Very very nice.

  2. I couldn’t have put it better myself!!! 😀

  3. tim tim

    clare brings us marvellous vids and beautiful girls being spanked ,naughty diaper girls is very sexy ,Girl spanks girl is brilliant as are Spanked sweeties also my spanking roommate and spanked callgirls such a high standard .best wishes,tim

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