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Schoolgirl Abigail’s Caning

Hello everyone, I have a free set of caning & spanking images as well as a free caning preview clip which shows the severity of this punishment in the very latest remastered movie OUT NOW from

I promise you that this latest film is worth the membership alone, Abigail is a pretty teen that really should know better, and I must admit she would infuriate the Chief with her ridiculous “holiday hair extensions” which are hardly school regulation and deserve 6 doubly hard strokes of the cane across her already red welted sore buttocks! Here we see Abigail in a “Private Lesson” – private for the reasons that her bared bottom will bear the horrible onslaught of rattan against her insolent cheeks!

private lesson

Please check out these excluisve 1st show images which I have downloaded fresh from the full film and a fascinating free caning clip which shows the strength of the punishment and facial reactions of Abigail as the cane hits her bottom! Enjoy – members of CanedSchoolgirls can view this latest movie HERE

private02 private04 private05

private03 private06 private07

private08 private09 private10

private11 private12

Imagine doing corner time whilst your cheeks are burning like the Fires of Hades! Well, see part of her early punishment in this clip below and you’ll understand exactly what the movie is about!

click here to play

You can see the full horrendous bare bottom punishment of Abigail HERE!

Regards, Chief.

PS. Oh, & to those who sent me some emails wishing me a nice time away, thanks! I had a great time away from my laptop for a few days, relaxing, eating, slippering the missus in new hotels etc, all good fun, I may even bore some of you with a few pics later this week of the wonderful area that Shakespeare was born in and grew up to become the world’s greatest literary genius! Here’s to Stratford-upon-Avon – a really under rated place and definitely worth a visit if you come to the UK!!! (Yes, I accepted a bribe from the council elders of Stratford) ๐Ÿ˜€

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