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The Latest Film with redhead Justine!

Ah, it’s great to see Justine Rosenberg back in what is a most amusing and humiliating spanking film from the real girl next door site – Spanked at Home

Love Bites

Here is the sorry story, and judging by what Justine has been writing on her blog recently, this is definitely no fairytale…she’s just a naughty party girl that gets caught out again by her boyfriend, Arnold!

Love Bites pic04 pic06

pic09 pic10 pic11

Justine often comes home very late but this time she’s gone too far! She came home completely drunk with a love bite on her neck and doesn’t even know where it comes from. So it’s no surprise that Arnold is far from amused and to teach the poor girl – still with a bad hangover – a good lesson, he orders her on all fours to strap her hard with his leather tawse. Although she might not have recognized all that Arnold was saying during the spanking, you can be sure Justine felt the immense pain on her bare buttocks!

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If you want to see more of Justine (and I certainly recommend you do) CLICK HERE for this latest movie complimenting dozens of this very naughty girl from Norway!!
Thanks Justine for making me smile with your latest movie, Chief.   😉

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