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NEWS ANNOUNCEMENT! I have managed to preview and watch the next movie to come out at BRITSPANK which has just been released and it is an amusing and also hard discipline film starring the ever gorgeous Jasmine and in time, I’m sure will be a classic!!! But first a taste of the musical cats below who will give you an idea of what is to come!


The storyline behind the new film: ” Disobedience & a Strapped Bottom”

Jasmine thinks it’s funny to mess about on the mixing decks, trying to foolishly make a copy of some recordings herself but making a complete hash of it! These are no ordinary mixing decks, oh no, these belong to THE CHURCH! & they’ve been synched up painstakingly for he forthcoming services and Choir practices, until her blundering fingers have ruined everything, tweaking buttons and knobs she shouldn’t be!

Jasmine - preview click here

What happens next, when she’s caught and trying to deny it all (lying in the presence of God) it only gets worse, she knows she’s doomed, she’s been caught, still in her school uniform, she is ordered to remove her knickers for an OTK spanking. However, things go from badto worse for Jasmine when she presents the knickers and she is severely chastised for not “wiping properly down there” – could it get any more embarrassing or worse for this hapless teen? Well, yes, she is then leathered painfully with the strap across her sweet bare buttocks! – and the little gems? Yes, he hasn’t forgot about her wiping mistakes and I’m sure, there’s an (ahem) inspection… *cough cough*
Enjoy the FREE Preview images below and also a video scene of an embarrasing moment for Jasmine as she is strapped!

jas02 jas03 jas04

jas05 jas06 jas07

jas08 jas09 jas10

As promised, please check ot the FREE Clip below. For lovers of Jasmine, like myself, you will adore this humiliating film, it’s about 16 minutes of embarrassment for the foolish girl…enjoy!

click here to view

The FULL version of this film is only available at the exclusive English female punishment and spanking site

I’m  going to be away for a much sought after long relaxing weekend in Shakespeare Country taking in some Englaish cultural heritage (and ye olde mead, no doubt), but I won’t be away for long. If you were thinking of checking out a site, then if I have persuaded you to look at BRITSPANK with its all exclusive spanking content, I promise you that you ill not be disappointed! Have a good ‘un and I’ll let you all know what I got up to soon enough 😉

Regards, Chief.


  1. What the f–k is up with those killer attack cats lol 🙂

  2. Yay! Killer kitty cats 😀 😀

    I just like adding various cat images from time to time, cats are cool!

  3. lol……..i agree–cats are indeed cool.

    I used to have 2 cats: Buster and Keeley. No cats now/need to adopt some killer kitties.

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