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Elizabeth Simpson’s most famous Film?

There have been a few over the years, but none have ever grabbed my attention more than this infamous movie which is only available as a PPV download, download it and keep this fantastic movie, I have no hesitation in recommending it as it’s simply one of her finest films and is NOT available anywhere else! I paid the licence to this and it is for NaughtyBottom ONLY!

Before I waffle on, check out the FREE Movie clips in this promotional gallery, at the end of this post you’ll find some images (I was gonna make a gallery but put them here instead for you guys!)

Before I continue, it looks as if Elizabeth Simpson will be retiring from baring her magnificent bottom, she told me last week how she has been dithering and putting off telling everyone as she really feels like she can not continue and doesn’t want to let anyone down (But I respect her decision, she’s not a teenager anymore, she doesn’t want to play a teen and she feels that her bottom has taken enough punishment on film over a decade and that’s understandable!)

However, that’s not to say she won’t do the odd reprise as a sub, but she is DEFINITELY enjoying her new found love of domming girls and is set to become one of the most feared female Mistresses around, I have watched her in action and female submissives, beware the verbal lashing of Elizabeth’s tongue and her hard swats with whatever is at hand!!!

Meanwhile, Simpson know ye thy place, woman,  as I show off some fantastic vid grabs of The Music Lesson, a full set of something like 100 images is available with the full length film which is a 330Mb download!!!





Feel free to let me know your favorite Simpson movie, maybe I will do a proper review of the top 3, leave your comments if you want so I can act on them, thanks. Chief

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  1. brad brad

    I loved this scene. However, i wish i could see more of Simpsons “ginny” ya know, her vag??
    She does have a very petite tight one…mmmm


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