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Naughty Elizabeth Simpson!

We are blessed with this amazing old movie which I believe was only ever available in the past as a humble 360kbs RM (Real Media) formatted movie, which to be honest, wouldn’t do her justice nowadays since it was filmed in 2003! However, FetishFlixx have this movie in all its intended glory at 2000kbs WMV playback and this is a great domestic discipline movie with a girl that really struggles and makes her spanker fight all the way in this film. She uses all manner of expletives, and goading him by calling him a “Dirty Old Man!” But in the end, Elizabeth is subdued and not without time when you find out what she had done! Just check out this “dirty old man’s” gleeful look on his face…to be honest, I think we would all gurn like that presented with Miss Simpson’s delicious derrier directly placed in front of our faces and over our laps!

Now this isn’t just a spanking movie, oh no, Elizabeth brought this whole horrid further punishment on herself with her cocky attitude and continual answering back and I can tell you that she was painfully thrashed on her bare quivering bottom with both the strap and the cane and he really didn’t hold back!!! I have got you a FREE gallery (below) and also a fantastic bonus after that from this latest film at FetishFlixx!

I have got you an early scene of Elizabeth’s spanking, now just check out his utter glee and concentration, I swear his tongue is just on his lower lip “a la”  Robert de Niro as James “Jimmy” Conway giving that “made” guy a severe kicking in the film Goodfellas! (remember that?) No kickings here, of course:  just good hard nasty spankings, strappings and canings for one Miss Elizabeth Simpson

You can view the full movie at FetishFlixx HERE

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