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Sasha Anna Screentest

At AMBERSPANKS – you can see this Asian beauty,  a hot 19 year old 1/4 Chinese, 1/4 Philipina,  1/2 white 100 percent spankable and fuckable girl put through her paces! This was a beautiful screentest, and Amber had high hopes to meet Sasha again, sadly, as sometimes happens…models flake out, flit, and in this case, it seems she’s disappeared off to LA to do porn! The mucky girl…and I thought she looked so innocent!!!

Such a shame, as Amber really had the hots for this lassie and had so many plans after a very HOT and very naughty screentest! So, ladies and gentlemen, check out some of the images of that screentest….a RARE and wonderful chance to see Sasha Anna and Amber together…members can see the whole thing now! Oh, and by the way, I love this whole screentest feature…they may never have got the girl in the first place – let us be thankful for small mercies, lots of erotic nudity, girlplay and some hot explicit spanking!!!







HOT or what??? Check out the FULL Movie and full set of images HERE

Be aware there’s an option at either site where you can join both sites with the same codes and of course you are rewarded with a decent discount (something like under 30 Bucks for BOTH sites…mmm)

SpankingBlogg’s Cold Shower Alert and Trouser Arousal levels are set to maximum with a combined membership and are naturally off the charts: So “Be warned!” 🙂

(I’m thinking of making a rating system with jpgs or gifs, what do you think? lol)


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  1. brad brad

    OMG….is she cute! ! ! and naughty….thanks chief.

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