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Lottie – Caned on Arrival!

Hope you’re having agreat weekend away from all the stresses and trials of working life, happy at home, relaxing…for those unlucky enough to have to work, you have my sympathies, I thought I’d share this new movie with you all!! We all need a break,and perhaps checking out the gorgeous bum of Lottie in her latest film coming out this weekend will do the trick!

I have been priveleged to get a sneak preview of the next movie and, if you look closely, you’ll see Lottie wearing her dental braces…maybe it’s me but I find that very sexy…perhaps it’s because I’m about to go through something similar, rather like Tom Cruise did a few years back and I’m having some dental work starting next month….dentists, jeez, they make a fortune. Anyway, I’ll be in braces too for 3 or 4 months before the next work (implants…how delightful!)

So enjoy another fantastic sight for sore eyes in the form of Lottie draped over His lap, then with her red bare bottom stuck out for a hard caning, Lottie may not like it, but her arse is built for receiving the cane!

Happy Days! Click on the image below for this exclusive new gallery!



  1. tim tim

    Young Lottie is a lovely little spankee girl .

  2. tim tim

    belive the little cutie girl has left the scene .

  3. tim tim


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