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Lazy Prostitutes Punished in HD

I was rooting around in my archives and came across this classic beautiful girl/girl film, and anything with the excellent Miss Jessica Wood domming her girls is ALWAYS worth a sneaky review! Especially as this movie, one of the nearly 100 Gigs of HD Spanking Films is available for FULL unrestricted download at the ever improving

“Prostitutes Punished”  What an awful sounding title! It’s a great FF punishment film though,  and stars 2 lovely girls, Shay & Robyn, who were new to spanking at the time (yup, they were fresh meat for Jessica!)
Anyway, this movie, from HD Spank in glorious true pure HD (you know the drill by now! lol) really shows off these girls heavenly bodies! Of course, you’ll get to see their “madame” Mistress Jessica, blessed with an ample bosomly body at the time, which is ALWAYS a bonus, eh?

Here is a real treat for you all if you’ve never seen this or part of this movie before as there are 2 EXCLUSIVE HD Clips I’ve cut personally for this blog.

Prostitutes Punished

I’ve focussed on an object of my aging lust (lol) in the shape of Shay, the pretty blonde who cries beautifully in the 2nd film. (She’s the one without the tattoo across her butt…I’d punish Robyn for having that Gecko lizard or whatever it is across her soft buttocks! makes an inviting target!!!) However, Robyn has an equally cracking body and a wonderful bouncing pair of breasts which lovers of big busted girls and bare bottoms will just adore! 

Click here for the HD Spanking Site

So check out the First movie clip below.
Movie Clip Size 11.6mb

right click this images and save target as to save to your computer b4 playback

Don’t you just love the quality of real HD? Now that’s not some Hi Res pretending to be Hi Definition! The 2nd clip I have cut showing ample bosomly Mistress Jjessica spanking a fully naked Shay over her knee!
Warning: WILL cause uncomfortable swelling in the groinal area!!! 

Movie Size clip 8.52mb – Click image below to playright click image and save taget as to your PC

What I can tell you is that Robin next gets a severe strapping across her tatt’ed buttocks (yay!) I’d have applied a sander to them as well! (only kidding, lol)

As a further bonus, check out the pics I have made available they are actual Hi Res Vid grabs.





This movie also available as a one off download at NaughtyBottom!!!

Back soon with some more stuff when my internet connection gets better (having issues at the moment, sadly!)
Regards, Chief.

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