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Latest Updates incl Anita at TheBareBottom

The folks at TheBareBottom have been busy with some brand new spanking movies starring one of my fave girls, Anita, who I’m sure you’ll all recognize by now! in case you’ve been living on The Moon, and you’ve obviously been out of internet range (and atmosphere but plenty of cheese) I have got you a link to Anita’s latest movie and I’ve also got some early first show images of her bent over for her thrashing with her delicious derrier high in the air over a couch…what a sight, those of  a nervous disposition and trouser emission problems, please do not read on as the images and clips I have here are highly arousing! Thank you for your understanding!

Here is the story behind this latest update!
Anita had to own up to the fact she was caught cheating in her Maths Exam. Apart from the 3 detentions she was given, she had also lost her position of Prefect! Suffice to say, when she got home, she knew that the only way forward would be for her to accept her punishment. After a calm discussion it was decided she needed correction & quickly! However, she was dismayed to hear that she was to be given a severe slippering across her bare bottom. She obediently bared herself & bent over the end of the couch, after which the slipper was applied hard to her plump rounded bare cheeks. Anita’s cries of remorse could be haerd from all over the house as the slipper did its work! Be aware these slippering scenes are addictive viewing!





Click on the image below for the HDD-WMV clip with SLO-Mo Slipper action

Now Anita is just one of many English beauties spanked slippered and caned, all in EXCLUSIVE movies and the below special movie gallery allows you to view all the most recent productions so you’ll know what you’re getting! Some amazing spanking films not seen anywhere else and all filmed on HD cameras for intimate playback so we don’t miss a thing! Mm mmm! Click on image below and please loosen gentlemenly undergarments…I needed to 🙂

This new site that’s been out just a few months is well worth a look since it’s updated regularly with some of the HOTTEST girls around including Jodie Lottie and Cathy who take some pretty severe punishments. Check the HOME PAGE HERE for more movie samples and details of how to view the above films IN FULL

Hope you enjoyed this site review today, I managed to get this up despite STILL having connection issues. Have a good ‘un.

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