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Brianna Beauty – NEW BunBeatingFun victim!

OMG, when Greg (aka The Mystery Spanker) told me about his upcoming update earlier this week at BUNBEATINGFUN, he sounded excited, but not as much as I when I eventually got to see this very latest brat, and what a fresh faced stunner she is! Only 20, not old enough to hang out in bars and get drunk (though I guess this hasn’t stopped her from being a complete brat). However, she reminds me of a former girlfriend from many years back, so I was shocked but also very aroused to see her get what was coming…something I should have done to my bad girl many years ago for being a (beautiful) bitch! Here’s the image that reminded me of my girl from way back…

Brianna – (who could have been my girl from way back, who was also a right brat!)

Although this wasn’t exactly the motel Brianna’s filmshoot was in, I  do remember coming across a few of these on Highway 1 (I think) in NJ, which I thought was hilarious…

So, as I digress again, here is the gorgeous fresh faced “Brianna Beauty” in a gallery and preview clip (below) I have just uploaded, so “for what she is about to receive, we thank thee, oh Lord!”

You can see the FULL amazing spanking movie of Brianna & all the other victims HERE

Ok, have a great weekend, I’m about to go out and scrawl “F**K YOU ICELAND” into the dust and ash that I can see has fallen onto my car, I might post a pic of it later (aww, c’mon you Icelandic people, I’m only joking)…but thanks for your volcano still spewing out crap and crippling northern Europe…we love you lots!

*rushes off to see how many visits I get from Iceland on my cpanel!*  😀

REMINDER: If you want to take advantage of any TRIAL OFFERS I HAVE POSTED HERE then do so now as these will be pulled next week or click on the TRIAL BANNERS that are currently showing in my right hand bar >>>

PS. I’m gonna be in my hometown of Plymouth for a few days after the weekend, to see off my nephew who is in the Navy - starting his first tour of duty for 8 months (bless) – so I might not post a day or 2 (then again I might) – hence my 2 updates today and I’ll probably update tommorow too! I’ve waffled on long enough…have a good ‘un!

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