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Strictly English Film Review

From Film Makers Strictly English comes this classic starring their resident blonde bombshell, Suzi Martell, as Jenny, a former pupil who goes back to school and begs her former Headmaster be punished like she used to! This very naughty girl has never quite forgotten the “pleasure” she took, unknowingly by Headmaster, and she persuades him that she needs a damned good thrashing again!

Strictly English films can be downloaded or viewed as part of your FREE pay per view package and then add your minutes at my Video on Demand section (this leads directly to STRICTLY ENGLISH section) but you can navigate around and choose what producer you want, it’s awesome to check out!

What you get here is a remastered classic movie, the quality of the playback is thankfully much better and to prove the point I have included 4 wonderful clips taken from throughout the 50 minute long play film.
WARNING!!! Suzi is a mucky lass in all her films, as you’ll see, being a genuine spanko in real life, she really gets off on being submissive, naughty, tarty and precocious, all which she does oh so well in this movie. She can take quite a spanking slippering and caning as you’ll see, and also has NO SHAME when it comes to peeing herself with excitement and takes an enema on film – something for everyone!
OK, check out the film clips and images from this movie below! ENJOY! I can not stress how good this spanking movie actually is!!!!

click here to play


click here to play

click here to play

As you’ll see, she’ll take quite a caning and prefers that to the slipper (which is my fave instrument of correction, as many of you will know). All in all, this spanking movie has something for everyone and is definitely one to watch, especially as it’s been remastered to the best viewing standard yet! Check out some extra images below taken from the movie 😀



Yup! UTTER FILTH!!!! I have just watched the entire remastered movie in my STRICTLY English Archive with a couple of glasses of fine red Rioja wines and a nice Cigar…perfect late afternoon viewing!!

Back soon with MORE updates and wonderful movies!


  1. brad brad

    OM GAAAAWD, i LOVE that clip. One of my favs Chief and you know me. LOVE the peeing during a spanking thing.
    Would love to see more of this scenario in some new vids!
    Great job on the re-mastering.


  2. LOL, I somehow thought you might like that 🙂

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