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Easter Spankings

I hope you are all well and have had a good Easter. The Lord hath risen, the Holy Spirit entered the disciples and they go forth to spread the word…SpankingBlogg on the otherhand continues to spread the word of Chief’s favourite kinky fetish…so let the Rod of the Chief and his right hand continue to verily smite the sinful flesh of naughty bare female bottoms!

Well, first off, I was about to travel down to watch my useless football (soccer) team (Plymouth Argyle – sigh) try and stave off relegation today (a good 220-230 mile round trip for the home game but fortunately my good lady spotted that there was a fucking great screw embedded into the tyre wall of my car…I daren’t think what might have happened as I travelled down the Motorway (freeway) at high speed….I’m still genuinely shocked, will have to take it to the garage tommorow to get it fixed and balanced as it’s a front passenger wheel – Check my latest tweet on my Twitter account  and you can see what I’m “wittering” on about!


Yesterday we went out to our local town (Wells) which is always full of tourists gawping at the old cathedral and old worldiness of the place (the British comedy film “the Fuzz” was filmed here) and we had a nice long leisurely lunch…

Chief’s boring fact: Wells is officially the smallest city in England due to the fact it has that amazing cathedral. Another “interesting” fact is Chief & “er indoors” rather like pigging out at restaurant chain ASK and this one in Wells is pretty good, LOL!

OK, onto bare arse punishments and this is what i have found whilst having a very quick perusal of some member areas! Check out just a few HQ photos from this naughty cheating schoolgirls punishment special at STRICTSPANKING – click on images below for FULL Size images that members are viewing:

This HQ Photoset compliments the full movie for members of

STOP PRESS! The very latest update to come up later today at STRICTSPANKING is a remastered film I remember very well as it stars Sarah Collins receiving a damned hard caning off her lesbian mistress for being a lazy slut at home whilst her breadwinning lover is out earning all the money to keep them in milk, honey, dildos and finest wines!

These few images are absolutely FIRST SHOW including a movie clip which I’ve got you and members will be watching this later this afternoon!!! Enjoy this SpankingBlogg Exclusive!

I remember this movie because it’s one of those typical nasty “lesbian butch mistress and pert submissive punishee”, stripped naked that I like in a good F/F film and I gotta admit seeing Sarah’s exposed hard caned buttocks (you’ll see the clip below) really gave me severe discomfort in the trouser region, just writing about it I have a raging boner, seriously imagine ramming that welted butt from behind after that caning…oh my! So enjoy this punishment, it’s quite severe and in the clip you’ll notice Mistress hit a lampshade with her high aimed cane (a DRAGON CANE at that) and see Sarah flinch – then the cane comes crashing down! Beautiful! (and I’m spent, heh heh)


What can I say? StrictSpanking has come up trumps with this remastered classic!!! Have a great end to Easter wherever you are, I’m off to scoff some chocolate eggs! 😀
Greedily, Chief.

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