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The Icelandic people, not content with ripping off the British Taxpayer for BILLIONS and refusing to pay us back, now have the cheek to let one of their stupid volcanoes erupt and pour a huge volcanic ash cloud that is approaching UK airspace! OK, I don’t exactly hate Icelandic people, but this chappie, this morning, obviously a little worse for wear on a “Stag Do” in Scotland lets us know his feelings as all UK flights are due to be GROUNDED at midday because of this nonsense!

Thanks a lot Iceland you blonde hobbits, there goes our summer (again)

Global warming my F*CKING ARSE!

“I hate Iceland” – note the calm professional manner of the SKY reporter, lol!

Back with spanking updates later (under a plume of ash)


  1. funspank funspank

    “I hate Iceland!” You Brits should wear tees with that slogan, didnt they whip your asses in the Cod Wars of the 70s?

  2. They gave us Bjork…if ever a woman needed a damned good thrashing! Enough said. 😀

  3. Gordie Gordie

    I watched that yesterday on the news and live in Scotland, ash is about to land here, least it’ll hide my dandruff. If I had hair! Nice blog btw, love seeing beautiful girls spanked

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