The British General Election – who gives a f**k?

On May 6th, I and many of the much agrieved British populace have the chance to put our little X on a voting form and decide who should shaft us for up to 5 years more! Our wonderful untrustworthy politicians, from the unelected and massively unpopular Gordon Brown heading one of the most unpopular labour parties for decades, our beloved leader for another day: To Posh boy “plums in his mouth” David Cameron of the conservatives who northerners, Scots, Welsh and the majority of our scrounging benefit culture find repugnant to the new kid on the block and the ultimate “F*cking spanner in the works”, the at first quite likeable and intelligent Nick Clegg of the Lib Dems who trounced the other leaders in 3 head to head debates – but sadly has some unwholly bonkers policies…and there we have it…we will all implode and probably be unable to decide on a majority party even though bloody Labour are massively unpopular!

I was gonna post a spanking update, but Gordon brown smiled at me with that crappy expression he does through gritted teeth, and he pissed me off, so have a go at him instead!

So to celebrate the upcoming Hung Parliament that we Brits so deserve for not being decisive enough, I have found these nut job posters to let you know just who I will NOT be voting for! Ah…ya gotta laugh, eh? *sigh*

God help us all tomorrow!
Despairingly, Chief. xx

3 thoughts on “The British General Election – who gives a f**k?

  1. atom

    If Gordon Brown could retain power power at the cost of a public caning for his wife…….. How many milliseconds would it take him to agree.

  2. Spank Chief Post author

    Indeed, but I’d rather watch Miriam or Samantha thrashed on their bare bottoms on BBC News 😀

    maybe we can have a leader’s wives thrashing special?

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