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Sex & Spanking with Kailee Robinson

Hi everyone, I have just re-edited this post I did in March on my spanking blog, not realising that I had messed up on my links, and it’s such a cracking event of a movie, I thought I’d give you the correct links and also a FREE Movie Clip (which I didn’t before) – the clip is in a lower resolution than you can download so imagine this in full screen glory!!! It’s included in the post below:
OK, read on and enjoy possibly one of the horniest young spanking couples doing what they do in private, on film for possibly the ONLY time! Viva Kailee Robinson!!! (I’ve deleted the old post and put it here, there will be more updates as usual later as it’s Friday!!)


I just “HAVE” to let you all know about this, now I am aware that there have been other reviews previously, but after watching this movie myself, I was completely blown away, I’ve wanted to see this movie for some time and gave in and joined on my own package which you can see this movie HERE! Now the reason it’s worth reading on is because I have gotten a 15 free minute deal on per per view and streaming content, you can pick and choose any movies from all the top producers and watch it all or part of the movie and movie on, the freedom of choice and the amount of content available is blinding!

The most reasonable package is the $19.95 for 200 minutes and remember signing up to my deal you get 15 minutes for free, I think you could even choose part of this movie for free and if you’ve ever wanted to see emo babe kailee, for years so well known for her gorgeous ass and ability to take a damned good spanking, well you’ll be blown away withthis hardcore debut courtesy of Shadowlane who produced by Eve Howard in Vegas late last year! Kailee stars with her real life boyfriend Seth, and I promise you’ll get to see her perform sexual acts you’ve only ever dreamt of her seeing, and of course getting a good spanking and leathering before during and after she is fucked long and hard!

Here is the storyline below along with some free images: Seth is annoyed with his beautiful girlfriend Kailee for flirting with other boys at the party they have just returned home from. He accuses her of disrespecting him and tells her that she needs a good spanking. Protesting her innocence, Kailee is swept across Seth’s lap in her smart cocktail dress and immediately feels the impact of her sweetheart’s severe hand on her bottom through the satin of her skirt. That skirt is soon pushed up to reveal Kailee’s luscious backside, clad in a pair of black panties. Seth scolds and spanks Kailee hard, fully expressing his indignation at her flighty behaviour.

Next Kailee’s panties come down to expose her lush seat, tapering down to long shapely legs and elegant feet in sexy high heels. The tall, slim, stunning brunette is a leg and bottom man’s dream with the face of a young Venus, a delicately sculpted, budding bosom and ravishingly ample behind.

Kailee takes her spanking sullenly, with pouts and frowns and then with squeals and cries. Seth is unmoved by her excuses and plays the jealous boyfriend to the hilt, thrashing her bottom smartly until she understands that she needs to give in and admit she was wrong before she can be forgiven. After a relentless hand spanking and leather paddling with a very solid paddle, Kailee finally apologizes for her slutty behaviour and promises to be a good girl, her bottom much the rosier. Now what happens you can see below, of course this tops the Chief’s Trouser Arousal Scales, watching this movie must be done privately in a darkened room!!!



Their reconciliation is both romantic and erotic as hugs and kisses lead to oral sex and passionate love making. Kailee gets down on her knees to blow her guy and his meaty member feels the good of her skillful sucking and feathering tongue. (Now if you’ve ever wondered how kaille might blow her guy, imagined it as I had in the past, you can now see it, like most American girls I have known, they seem to be blowjob demons and kailee doesn’t disappoint…Seth is a lucky guy!) Several classic positions of penetration follow, including doggy style and then with Kailee sitting on her lover’s “wood” and riding it like a carousel pony (LOL). The hard cock in tight pussy action is explicit and you’ll get to see all of Kailee fully nude from her perky breasts to her pinkened cheeks throughout the love scene, which concludes in mutual satisfaction!

!!! Click image below for a naughty FREE Movie Clip !!!

Kailee’s red paddled bottom rides Seth’s cock, milking him for all he’s got!


Finally, to assert his ultimate control over his girl, Seth administers an additional, major, fully-nude spanking to Kailee, post orgasm.

As you know – Kailee is one of the most popular spanking models in the world. She wanted to make her hardcore sex and spanking debut for Shadow Lane with her real life boyfriend and that appealed to Tony & Eve who run the company and have produced other sex and spanking titles before. As Eve mentioned, “It also surprised us, because Kailee has traditionally been a fairly modest performer, the butt-plug scene in “Ashley Pratt Is A Brat” being as far as she had ever gone before.”

Kailee and Seth proposed they become our “alt.” (alternative) spanking couple, as opposed to our traditional romance of discipline couple, to give their scene a different twist and one that was uniquely their own. The current generation of young spanking enthusiasts may look a little different than the baby boomers, (Seth’s goth eear ring is a little odd, but hey…kids, eh? – I sound liek  arambling old man…but the attitude is basically the same, boyfriend knows best and girlfriend gets spanked. (Though Seth does divert to take Kailee by the hair, which is pretty hot.)

As they are described on the Shadow Lane introduction of this movie – “At 24 and 23, Kailee and Seth are the consummate young fetish couple, who play at B&D because they’re into it. The loving making in this video is warm and real, with genuine hugs and kisses to sweetly counterbalance the hardcore pistoning, expressing its passion through physical means; spanking fits right into its radical mystique as does hard-hitting sex.”

This serious discipline drama contains full nudity, hard, bare-bottom spanking, leather paddling, oral sex, explicit intercourse in classic sexual positions and a rousing hand spanking finale.

Sex & Spanking with Kailee and Seth
Running time: 33 minutes.

This was taken from the excellent SHADOWLANE SECTION of films run by Tony Elka and Eve Howard – makers of fine quality spanking (and sex) films for yonks!!! Check out their section at my Spanking Theatre HERE and sign up, & you’ll get 15 Minutes free, that’s HALF this awesome movie (for example) for nothing!
Enjoy, it’s impossible NOT to! (and don’t forget to check out the other producers and films all listed in my favourites section!)


  1. Harry Harry

    a spanking, no “i love you” crap is what i like. you naked & well spanked & sucking & fucking is all you’re good for. good luck.

  2. Esther Esther


    Can somebody tell me what happened to Kailee? The last new stuff I saw from her is years ago.


  3. I haven’t seen her in any new stuff recently so I guess she has retired from the scene… sadly 🙁

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