If you go to – the home of Elizabeth Simpson’s spanking website, you will notice a brand new change to the site as it has had a total facelift to reflect the very latest updates and change in direction as Elizabeth becomes more dominant (more on that in a mo!)

Below is a screenshot of the latest header to the site!

It has been no secret for most of this year that Elizabeth does not do submissive roles on film anymore. Sadly this means no more her baring her wide tired behind, but if any of you had subscribed or read her blog you’d have known months ago this was coming! She had hinted that she would be retiring as a SUBMISSIVE, feeling that playing schoolgirls or baring her bottom on film, when she is in fact a mature lady (still looking about ok in my humble opinion.)

If you haven’t already seen her blog then she just did a nice Q&A session with her readers, seems to me judging by their questions they are in denial over her future role – well, the site design is under NO ILLUSION as Elizabeth had developped a wicked Dominant streak over the years and has been a magnificent Domme, striking fear into many a teenage brat to bend over her lap! I remember asking her how she developed this way back and it was all down to her sessions with the much missed Rosaleen Young, she said, Why? Because, as they had done so many films together, in the end, Rosaleen had “turned her” into loving to discipline ladies really hard! Like a duck to water I guess!

Well, all future site updates feature Miss Simpson , dominatrix extraordinaire, as she disciplines naughty girls with everything she can take to hand, slipper cane etc etc…and of course her famous “ACID TONGUE” – you would seriously NOT want to be on the receiving end of one of her infamous withering put downs!!!


The latest update stars Sally Carter who appears as Katie – bet she wished she hadn’t appeared at all as this newbie girl feels the full withering put downs and OTK spanking skills of Elizabeth! There’s a nice free clip of “Katie” stroking her poor sore buttocks after she’s been over Simpson’s knee! Click on large image below to access the new look site and free clips!

Images from this movie are shown first here (see below)


Of course, anyone signing up to the site will STILL get to access ALL of Elizabeth’s Submissive HERE and most excellent spanking and caning films which are stored and archived for full complete download. I wouldn’t be sad about it though, I had an inkling way back that Elizabeth was starting to feel a little uncomfortable performing on film as she felt her shelf life as a sub baring her bottom was up! (she still switches in private and is still submissive, but of course it’s private) I believe her partner demands he still be able to feel the warmth of a good old fashioned spanking, courtesy of his hands… I also believe he still rules the house with a sort of 19th century zeal! LOL!! Actually that’s just a lot of bullshit as the cunt owed me a lot of money and caused me no end of grief.

To be honest, I wouldn’t bother checking out the tour pages as the new owners Spankingtube insist on updating the site with rehashed content which has totally ruined the site, it should have been retired along with Elizabeth when she quit in 2011. So unless you have never viewed her films – ever! Then stay away… if you must, click on the links or banners shown here. This was an update edit in 2013… how times change!

One silver lining is that I think she and her “hubby” have split up… about time too since he cheated on her at every given opportunity…

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