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Sneak Preview from TheBareBottom!

Forget multiple updates, forget the same old )and sometimes spammy) drivel that you might see at other blogs, here’s an update you won’t find ANYWHERE ELSE apart from HERE at the time of writing! So much so, that Quality this time outweighs Quantity, I have decided to give this little movie, which should be out this weekend, the Chief’s Fine Wine & Cigar Award to spankovision!

Image taken from my garden table after enjoying some spanking movies 🙂

I was so impressed with Louise, as I knew this girl was a bit of a wuss when it came to getting spanked, but fair play to her, this is a good hard strapping movie and from the short clip you’ll see below, he really is belting her good and hard!!! I also like the camera lighting, which, I know at this location – was a real pain in the arse (no pun intended) so to capture Louise’s red cheeks so perfectly as they were thrashed is indeed worthy of my new award! AND…you get to see this and the preview images BEFORE the members of  THE

Louise only made things worse for herself when she didn’t give a damn that her swearing (or cussing as you guys say in North America) using the F-word (who does she think she is? Gordon bleedin’ Ramsey? Can this young tart cook and rescue restaurants? I think not!!!) So the smiles are soon wiped from her face as she is spanked and spanked HARD when she continues to swear when she feels the stinging from the spanking over her knickers, which only infuriates Him more….leading to a good hard bare bottom strapping session! Anymore swearing and it’s the cane!!!

“Louise! Will you keep your smirks and your potty mouth in check?”

“Regulation knickers down, I’ve had it with you, let’s see if this works!”

Was that not a beautiful set of images of an attractive but foolish potty mouthed girl? the FULL movie will be out any time now only at – the home of all exclusive and hard hitting teen and schoolgirl punishment films!

Have a great weekend and a good holiday period - As it’s cold dark and grey here in my part of the UK, I wouldn’t expect it any other way, since it’s a bank Holiday weekend 😉

Regards, Chief

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