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The things women do!

Girls spanking girls, women punishing other women, ladies thrashed by ladyfolk – I think you will get the gist of my little update today as I bring you what’s new and hot and what’s been on my media player in the last 24 hours since I was last waffling here! It promises to be a Female spanking Festival of Fun – if you’re into that. Otherwise go check my other blog at TEEN-SPANKINGS when I will be updating that later today with some good hard male dominated spankings of young ladies!

So onto my 1st update, I had been watching this again earlier, it was the last of about 7 or 8 films from the “Houseguest from Hell” series with Michaela McGowen at FirmHandspanking (last year) and this caught my eye as me and “Er Indoors” are planning a quick ski break very soon… seeing Michaela in her Snowboarding gear just infuriated me as I am an “old skool” skier who can’t abide these grunge kids and their fashions on the ski slopes, so seeing Miss McGowen thrashed by Aunt Cindy for slacking off with her snowboard instead of working at home was extremely satisfying to watch!



See MORE of Michaela’s movies only from FirmHandSpanking.com


Elizabeth simpson crops up from time to time at SlutSpanking.com as this is an F/F dedicated site and I just noticed that there is a new full screen movie update there which has her caught out slacking (I sense a theme here) where she claimed to be too ill to turn up to a film shoot only for Miss Baxter (played by the infamous Miss Bradley) to give her a piece of her mind and a darned good OTK thrashing in full screen glory – F/F lovers will love this site as it has a massive archive of content all with Hi Res movies and HD wmv playback!



If you haven’t already, see the FREE Clip of Elizabeth spanked on the home page HERE


2 New girls are currently on show at Punishedbrats and feature the 1st and 2nd showing of these girls they’re that new… newcomer Becca goes over the knee of relative newbie Dia, so it’s refreshing to see these 2 at Punishedbrats giving us some excellent variety of the latest F/F themed punishment spanking! Exclusive images from this film “Sorority Vote ” below:



Becca refused to vote for Dia as sorority president. Bully Dia is going to make the underclassman change her mind by warming her bottom and making her comply with her every demand!

See more of cute new girl Becca & her amazing smooth butt only at PunishedBrats.com


Want to know why I love Japanese spankings? Well just check out some images taken from my own personal archives of Cutiespankee and I think these bikini spankings images taken from a great movie I had watched again earlier this morning will better explain why I consistently rate this site HOT HOT HOT!!! Dang!





Cute butts, squealing girls, real tears & some truly hard wooden paddlings – welcome to the whacky world of spanking in Japan – CLICK HERE to see the very latest updates as well as free movie previews!


Sarah Gregory has been busy and in these 2 very recent movie updates you’ll see Sarah spanked by the fearsome Dana Specht (mental note to Sarah: avoid titles with seasons like Summer and spring otherwise Miss Specht will appear like a wicked witch to spank your botty!) – then sarah gets to take it out on one of her girlfriends, Ashley, who many of you will know has appeared at Punishedbrats in the past!

SPRING BREAK: Aunt Dana has taken her niece Sarah to Atlantic City for Spring break. In the first part of this 2 part long video, Sarah “borrows” a little too much money from Aunt Dana’s credit card to go shopping. This spoiled girl will soon learn that a cute dress and fancy shoes are not worth the bare bottom spanking and strapping she will receive in punishment.



FOR YOUR EYES ONLY: Ashley and her girlfriend Sarah are having a private and sexy evening in until Sarah notices that they are being streamed live from Ashley’s laptop. No way is Sarah okay with her sex life being put out for others to watch. She takes her girlfriend over the knee for some hard bare bottom spanking to teach her how to respect someone’s privacy.



Click here to see ALL the very latest movies out now only from SarahGregorySpanking.com


Tomorrow I’m going to do a full review of what is available across the entire network of Clare Fonda’s great sites but until then, perhaps you might be tempted by this naughty film taken from Episode 49 of MySpankingRoomMate.com which has one of my favorite stars, Kay Richards, once again getting a much deserved spanking… & I NEVER tire of seeing her spanked! (Which is why I was catching up on some lost episodes) This one has a pissed off Make Up Artist, Nikki, turning up for an appointment only for kay to blow her out as she has just agreed to go work instead for time & a half pay instead! Wrong! You made the agreement, Miss Richards… now you must pay the price for being so selfish! Love it! & I have cut you an exclusive free preview clip with some images taken directly from the movie! Enjoy!!! (I most certainly did!)





This site is part of the famous Clare Fonda Pass network (see below)


Say “Aloha” to Amber’s latest girl, Kay, from Hawaii!

Finally here is a special “What’s Coming ” at Amber’s great sites as she proudly informs her blog readers of her recent film shoot with her first beautiful black girl and judging by the images which Amber kindly showed at her blog (I have them here too!) these are courtesy of her iPhone at the time of the shoot! This ebony honey gets the full treatment that Amber has become so adept at – giving and receiving spankings! She admitted that Kay spanked her harder than any other girl & of course Amber knows just how to get the most out of her newbies so always treats us to some of the most erotic spanking visual treats (check out kay’s oiled reddened bottom below, and you’ll see what I mean!)


My pants are going to be in some serious trouble when Kay’s films with Amber come online very soon at the banners below! Nice one, Amber!

Jasmine wets her pants & Elizabeth spanks some more

Well well, when you’re waiting for spanking updates, as we say here in England, it’s like waiting for a bus, none comes… then 3 turn up all at once!” Just as there are some new updates below and starring one of my faves, Jasmine, I have seen this movie an age before, but for those connoisseurs that only want the highest clearest playback rates (like me) then HDspank is the site I know many choose to download their spanking smut from (I should know, I just checked it out) and, believe you me… this is a naughty spanking film.

Jasmine pees her dark blue regulation school knickers on the stairs at home whilst waiting for her punishment! She’s so scared that she doesn’t say anything until it’s time for her spanking and then, it’s too late for excuses as it’s obvious what’s happened … and then all hell, naturally, breaks loose! Check out the free HD clip HERE that is very generous on the home tour page – more than giving you an idea of the playback quality you can expect, as well as being able to leer at Jasmine’s wet bottom, knowing full well what the dirty little minx has been up to! A nice way to start the weekend with this special teen humiliation spanking film - and I just had to quickly post some images and remind you about this HD format that is now out to download.

“Oops! Wonder if he’ll know I’ve wet my school knickers?”





There are more films of gorgeous Jasmine & over 110 Gigs of HD Spankings now archived from 2007 til now making this the largest single site resource for only HD spanking content! Check out the site tour pages and really fair pricing considering the quality of the playback you can get whilst watching this on your 50″ LCD TV! Imagine!!! Just make sure the missus is out before you settle in to watch this!



As I said, Elizabeth Simpson has another movie out, I’m running out of time, so haven’t seen it all yet but as it co stars Lucy, you will know that Miss Simpson will not hold back and Lucy is quite a girl that can take a hard spanking (I should know, as I’ve spanked her myself!) there is a really graphic free preview clip of this new movie update on the HOME PAGE HERE

Some images are below to whet your spanking appetites! Enjoy!






See MORE of Elizabeth Simpson taming her unruly girls HERE

SpankMyBottom is part of the better value SPANKPASS
(monthly membership options still available!)

Spankumentary “Candid Talk”

Elizabeth originally asked me to write on her blog about this latest film with a strong comedy theme. She had no idea that they would dare publish it as they were larking about… OR WERE THEY? I’ll let you decide below

“There’s a new film just opened at SpankingDigital”, Elizabeth typed frantically on MSN, “can you help me?”
“I’m busy”, I said, “What film? Is it any good?”

… Elizabeth proceeded to tell me there was a brand new movie just released at SpankingDigital.com and she had to call me instead as she wasn’t making sense on MSN! “What’s the matter?” I enquired, she was giggling as she recalled the insane film that she had thought they were only messing around with at the end of a film shoot earlier this year, but “Oh no” – it’s out and members are now happily downloading the “mockumentary” called Candid Talk where she and her mad hubby Bernard explain to an incredulous interviewer their bizarre lifestyle.

candid talk

In fact, it’s the “nutjob hubby” who does all the talking, the sort of strange fellow that likes to hear his own voice and woe betide any foolish female to “butt in” when he is on one of his rants about the “feral youth of today!” he proceeds to proudly show off his array of “weapons of correction” a frightening collection of straps tawses and canes whilst ranting on about discipline in the home! The interviewer keeps a calm demeanor however Elizabeth can hardly contain her fits of giggles… which of course doesn’t impress Bernard (Elizabeth may be a dominant nowadays, but she still takes old fashioned spanking behind closed doors) and the look he gives her during this interview implies she’s for it later!!!

Click on the thumbs below for larger images to the film scenes
candid01 candid02 candid03


Jodie Carnell & Hannah Crawford play the Simpsons’ urchins, Trish & Brenda…

candid05 candid06

candid07 candid08

That’s more like it, teenagers thrashed on their bare bottoms – to the amazement and astonishment of the interviewer and cameramen… does this sort of behaviour still go on in homes around Britain today? I shan’t entirely spoil what members can now download at SpankingDigital but as you’ll see from this final scene Bernard isn’t happy when the interviewer wants to ask more in depth questions… I think we need to thoroughly investigate this fellow further!

candid talk - free clip here

You can see the Latest Movie at SpankingDigital HERE


“Battle of Britain” Spanking Discipline

Today over here is commemorated as the “Battle of Britain” Day, 15th September – and 70 years ago, things were very different over the skies of our country as the fiercest fighting for air superiority of the RAF against wave after wave of Luftwaffe planes culminated on this day. From July to October, as Winston Churchill famously said…”Never have so many owed so much by so few!” Thankfully times like this over the skies of Britain are in the past, but ultimately it was one of the finest moments as the country vowed to “Never Surrender” against all the odds. The below trailer was from the excellent 1969 film “The Battle of Britain” …


OK, It’s a glorious summer/autumnal day here in the UK, blue skies, pleasant outside and to take my mind off what our poor grandfathers and grandmothers must have been going through 70 years ago getting bombed daily… here are some fine British Spanking updates currently doing the rounds. Yes, it’s a spanking blog, it’s why you’re really here reading my waffle instead of me bleating on about our forefathers…
Discipline carries on, ladies! Lest you foolishly forget 😀

Take these dark moments below for Niki Flynn and Amelia Jane Rutherford, on the run from the tower but ultimately caught and paddled…this is an ongoing update unique to NORTHERN SPANKING – enjoy some of the teaser pics below:

There was also no such luck for Lottie Kinsade and Amy Hunter in their recent model assignment as you’ll see below, they got more than they bargained for… (mental note to self, these girls look GREAT together, don’t you think?)

All the latest updates and movies can be downloaded directly HERE


On a lighter note, the full movie of Jasmine’s experiences with the strap hairbrush and finally the cane can be seen at SpankingDigital, I have got you an exclusive free clip from this as the caning warm down continues. She’s genuinely turned on by hard discipline and gets off feeling her toasted red cheeks, lightly caned on her already throbbing welted cheeks…this is one sexy girl!


In case you haven’t clicked on the link, some scenes from it are shown below:
(OK, now you’re clicking it, lol!)

At SpankingDigital there is a brand new movie catering to FF lovers and stars one of Elizabeth’s last films she shot with new girl Wendy, who plays naughty schoolie, Lucy in this film, check out some images taken directly from the film that I have got for you. You’ll notice Elizabeth wastes no time in getting this naughty girl stripped and bent over for her thrashing!


Elizabeth tries out a variety of spanking implements across Lucy’s bare bottom, until she finally finishes with some good hard strokes of the cane! This is Elizabeth at her meanest, quietly getting on with the business at hand, efficient and ruthless!


For schoolgirl and other free punishment movies don’t forget to check out

Dropseat Pajama Spanking Special

I nearly bust a gut when I clicked onto OTKspank.com this morning and saw this new remastered classic. I think I had only seen this once or twice before when it was in some tiny size RM format so I was pleasantly surprised to see this! Do you know who Elizabeth has over her knee? Please click on the image below for a fantastic intro clip and all will become very clear! It’s a 32Mb download and highlights what is to come in this film. I got given the movie to review earlier and it’s a peach, if you’re into seeing Elizabeth thrash no good brats then this is one film RIGHT UP YOUR STREET!

On this film alone, I would sign up to OTKspank – why? Did you see the quality of the acting? It was fresh, quirky, talking and involving the viewer, this is the sort of film I loved that I don’t see much of anymore, it was a treat to watch and review this movie and you’ll notice I still haven’t mentioned the girl’s name in case you’re too lazy to click on the above link, seriously, do it and play the intro clip…this sets the viewer up for what is one of the most satisfying movies that starred these 2 girls…

OK, What is coming with this movie? As well as the full update and video grabs, there will also be some HQ Photos to add to your spanking collection. Check out some vid grabs and check out the colourful red jimmy-jammies, I love them…only one girl could get away wearing those, eh? I know you will all enjoy this, gentlemen, prepare your Trousers for MAXIMUM Arousal Levels – do not view fully loaded!

I have also included one full size image from the HQ Image set that members will be able to download as well! Seriously, if OTK is your thing, this is one movie you should NOT miss in this fantastic full screen format! Simply stunning! OUT NOW only from OTKspank.com


OTKspank is a premium spanking site catering for OTK lovers with a large important collection of erotic spanking memorabilia! This site already has amazing low priced options – If you haven’t check it out HERE



Just a quick update, I had featured NEW bratty model yesterday over at my BareBottom Blog – for some reason, reader counts are low there the last day or 2 and this was kind of an exclusive before everyone gets hold of it so I have got you a link to it here if you have missed it which includes some early 1st show images I got and a great FREE 20Mb clip that has new girl Mandy screaming and blubbling like the spoilt model brat that she is!

Greg aka The Mystery Spanker – has told me he is filming loads more brats this week and is taking a well earned break after that s0 I can’t wait to see his latest additions coming soon!!! If you haven’t already, click image below for the FREE preview!


Girls smoking “on set” infuriate me, but I’ll forgive Mandy as she’s got a nice set of baps and a very spankable arse that is tested to the limits in this quite severe and sustained spanking she gets!!! I’ve downloaded the full movie and it’s HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!



PS) I’m looking after Elizabeth Simpson’s blog while she is away on holiday – I updated it today with my 1st post HERE while she is no doubt getting drunk and sunburnt – forshame!

Fabulous Friday’s Spanking Updates

As promised , I have a selection of new updates from around the spankosphere, something for everyone, and there’s some damned fine stuff here, so I hope this keeps you going til my next post!

NEW from OTKspank.com is this very hard and nasty spanking of Joanna at the hands of her boss! Never be in any doubt that this spanking film is anything but severe, when you take a look at the Free clip HERE you will understand fully what I mean as her tired sore red buttocks are continually slapped, I can feel the heat of her cheeks just looking at the movie…ouch!!!

Once again, the images you see below from this movie are totally exclusive and shown here first before anywhere else!

Joanna’s wobblesome cheeks are mercilessly thrashed and it starts to become all too much for her as she wriggles and squirms in both pain and embarrassment that she knows her bottom must be looking like raw mince and her privates are provocatively splayed for all to peer at OTKspank – still one of the cheapest Premium spanking sites with an amazing long term sign up offer – CLICK HERE!


I also have a sneak preview of a brand new movie coming out later today or definitely tommorow (Saturday) from BRITSPANK – it’s so new and I managed to blag a few images off the webmaster (I also got to see the film starring Elizabeth Simpson who “tests” out new British girl, Wendy, who is excited to be trying out with Elizabeth). But the smiles and laughter soon turn to yelps of pain as Elizabeth never slacks in her duty and thoroughly thrashes her tight bottom with a leather paddle and the cane, the caning scenes are pretty severe – what we get to see is this girl CAN take a hard punishment – just as well, as she was in a day long film shoot and shot several severe movies, some of which you will have already seen come out in my previous recent posts!

As you can see Wendy is a tiny thing, only about 5ft tall, but she proves she can take a really hard punishment – check the image below!



As we’re on the theme of casting sessions, which I always like wherever I see it, it often means there is a fresh faced girl, a newbie, the sort of girl next door type, a nervous teen etc etc and anything can happen, it can be mundane or superb, of course, most spanking producers will only show us the decent girls shown first time, a girl crying off after 2 minutes is not worth watching now, is she?

Check out the very long legged model called Star, below, who Amber has a great time teasing and spanking over her knees, Star really does have a tight little body and in the movie you can see Amber enjoy tweaking Star’s nipples as her breasts hang down when she’s spanked! A very horny and erotic girl/girl spanking from AmberSpanks.com – see my special EXCLUSIVE Free preview of this below, I promise you won’t be disappointed!!!

Bravo to Amber! Check out both her sites that you can see Amber dishing it out or getting it good as we all know and love to see!



Talking of long legs, here is possibly one model that even rivals Amelia Jne Rutherford, a gorgeous newbie at Firm Hand Spanking who I am smitten with, I had already previewed one of her last movies, well, once again, we have a chance to see those legs that look longer than the River Nile (I’d love to snuggle in her Nile Delta – haw haw) step up ADRIENNE BLACK!

Smoking and playing pool instead of studying hard soon gets the attention of tutor Earl Grey when he catches Adrienne slacking in this series of College Discipline Program films. You’ll see her given a proper sound spanking, her white panties slinking down those catwalk legs of hers as her bottom turns a beautiful shade of crimson! See my EXCLUSIVE Free clip below and the rest of some chosen images from this movie!

Adrienne is one of the new breed of girls that Firm Hand Spanking have managed to procure making this still one of my essential spanking fixes and of course, looking at Adrienne you can see why, eh?



Finally today, Ellie Maye’s slippering movie is made available for StrictSpanking members and this is the one where she really complains, trying to stop the punishment, crossing and uncrossing her legs, her poor bum burning, heavily reddened with her trademark speckles, it’s a delight to see this brat given a damned good slippering, and you can see the preview below! Please loosen your trouser garments, gentlemen, if you haven’t already drilled a hole through your cotton slacks!!! Thank you.


Have a great weekend everyone, and I hope you enjoyed these latest updates! Chief.

HOT New Spanking Updates!

Are you in for a treat today, these are some of the most recent and brand new updates that I’ve found which must be viewed with extreme caution for my gentlemen readership as they will cause SEVERE Arousal in the Trouser Regions! I have everything from wives, girlfriends and just plain barmy spanking updates which all make a fascinating mixture of very erotic punishment viewing for yours truly, I’ve been maxed out this morning reviewing what is just released at the following 2 sites, and have managed to grab hold of some images and a couple of 1st show FREE Clips from the various member areas (with the permission of the sites featured) that aren’t available anywhere else, naturally – as this is The SpankingBlogg!

Enjoy my following earlybird Exclusives!!!

Out at SpankingDigital comes a new full length movie starring one of my all time faves, Jasmine Lau who shows us in a documentary style what turns her on in her life as she tells us what a young lady of leisure like herself gets up to in private! She’s starred in hard core porn movies, she’s starred in many a spanking movie and really got off on getting her delicious ass thrashed and now that she’s come into some money, she can afford to fund any lifestyle she wants…and that is the spanko-life, my friends! Blessed be the Spanking Gods of Joy!

As you”ll see from the above image Jasmine is no stranger to spanking and boasts a wicked looking collection of spanking and punishment instruments, she introduces us to these and of course has no inhibition about telling us how spanking genuinely turns her on, not waiting to be asked she starts to remove her clothes as the cameraman and the film producer start to get hot under the collar. Imagine if you were in this room with jasmine, a temptress if ever there was one, showing you how she likes to be dominated and then inviting one of the film crew to crop and cane her tight buttocks! You’ll see her play with her beautiful engorged pussy labia that I love so much as she admits that the “punishment” is turning her on! Exclusive images and a scene of her being cropped are courtesy of my loins…er, I mean blog – please enjoy whilst I once again take a much needed cold shower!

Jasmine can’t contain herself as she fingers off her dripping quim! Genuinely getting off on feeling the stinging strokes of the cane against her tight buns! You can see the full movie out now EXCLUSIVE to SPANKINGDIGITAL.COM


There is a brand new film at SPANKINGONLINE starring a new girl getting a special punishment off a very stern Miss Elizabeth Simpson! This new F/F Domestic Discipline treat stars newbie Lucy who is called “Wendy” in this film and she can take quite a thrashing and is genuinely excited to be the latest addition to “SpankingOnline” as she wears their vest and panties! She really is quite petite and slight in frame but if you check out my exclusive image grabs from the movie, you’ll see the welts across her well toned cheeks! Lovers of more mature ladies like Elizabeth and Wendy, who obviously look after themselves, will be in for a treat, I have to say, it makes a fantastic change to see real grown women involved in a fine butt blistering punishment movie like this which is out NOW exclusive to SPANKINGONLINE Members!

You can see more of Wendy and Elizabeth at this new film HERE


& finally today there is also a new movie just released at SpankMyBottom called “Elizabeth is very Angry!” (also part of the Spankpass Network – are you getting the idea that this network is worth taking a look at?) – and as it’s Elizabeth Simpson’s site, it naturally stars her as the Domme and here we see new girl Wendy again in this delightful domestic friend flatshare movie where Wendy makes the mistake of ironing AND ruining Elizabeth’s expensive top – Elizabeth will go spare, and of course – SHE DOES!!! The last thing you ever want to do is piss off Elizabeth Simpson!!!

I’ve got a few images below and I notice that for those wanting to check out the site, if you take a look at the link at the bottom there’s a long play intro of these girls and you’ll see how the story starts!


Don’t forget to check out all of the tour pages which shows Elizabeth disciplining her girls and of course from the archives yoru chance to see elizabeth receive some of her own medicine when she used to be a complete  submissive slut! You get the best of both worlds!



SpankMyBottom.com Facelift!

If you go to SPANKMYBOTTOM.com – the home of Elizabeth Simpson’s spanking website, you will notice a brand new change to the site as it has had a total facelift to reflect the very latest updates and change in direction as Elizabeth becomes more dominant (more on that in a mo!)

Below is a screenshot of the latest header to the site!

It has been no secret for most of this year that Elizabeth does not do submissive roles on film anymore. Sadly this means no more her baring her wide tired behind, but if any of you had subscribed or read her blog you’d have known months ago this was coming! She had hinted that she would be retiring as a SUBMISSIVE, feeling that playing schoolgirls or baring her bottom on film, when she is in fact a mature lady (still looking about ok in my humble opinion.)

If you haven’t already seen her blog then she just did a nice Q&A session with her readers, seems to me judging by their questions they are in denial over her future role – well, the site design is under NO ILLUSION as Elizabeth had developped a wicked Dominant streak over the years and has been a magnificent Domme, striking fear into many a teenage brat to bend over her lap! I remember asking her how she developed this way back and it was all down to her sessions with the much missed Rosaleen Young, she said, Why? Because, as they had done so many films together, in the end, Rosaleen had “turned her” into loving to discipline ladies really hard! Like a duck to water I guess!

Well, all future site updates feature Miss Simpson , dominatrix extraordinaire, as she disciplines naughty girls with everything she can take to hand, slipper cane etc etc…and of course her famous “ACID TONGUE” – you would seriously NOT want to be on the receiving end of one of her infamous withering put downs!!!


The latest update stars Sally Carter who appears as Katie – bet she wished she hadn’t appeared at all as this newbie girl feels the full withering put downs and OTK spanking skills of Elizabeth! There’s a nice free clip of “Katie” stroking her poor sore buttocks after she’s been over Simpson’s knee! Click on large image below to access the new look site and free clips!

Images from this movie are shown first here (see below)


Of course, anyone signing up to the site will STILL get to access ALL of Elizabeth’s Submissive HERE and most excellent spanking and caning films which are stored and archived for full complete download. I wouldn’t be sad about it though, I had an inkling way back that Elizabeth was starting to feel a little uncomfortable performing on film as she felt her shelf life as a sub baring her bottom was up! (she still switches in private and is still submissive, but of course it’s private) I believe her partner demands he still be able to feel the warmth of a good old fashioned spanking, courtesy of his hands… I also believe he still rules the house with a sort of 19th century zeal! LOL!! Actually that’s just a lot of bullshit as the cunt owed me a lot of money and caused me no end of grief.

To be honest, I wouldn’t bother checking out the tour pages as the new owners Spankingtube insist on updating the site with rehashed content which has totally ruined the site, it should have been retired along with Elizabeth when she quit in 2011. So unless you have never viewed her films – ever! Then stay away… if you must, click on the links or banners shown here. This was an update edit in 2013… how times change!

One silver lining is that I think she and her “hubby” have split up… about time too since he cheated on her at every given opportunity…

Grand National Weekend (oh and here’s more spanking!)

Ah, the Gee-Gees – Horse racing, the sport of men and kings – I must admit I do like a little bet every now and then, and I actually refrained from mentioning anything about the recent Cheltenham Gold Cup, but this race in England is one of the biggest in the world and still the toughest for any horse.

So tommorow at Aintree Racecourse the 2010 Grand National takes place, I would dearly love to be there in person, you may hate, be disinterested, or not care about horse racing but being there withthe crowd is an exhilerating experience. It’s a steeple chase! This race is tough, something like 30 fences over 4 miles. Horses can die, the Becher’s Brook fence is the infamous one, if you fall here…anything can happen!  Just take a look at how high last years’s winner “Mon Mome” in with jockey Liam Treadwell in green.

OK, I’m getting moist at the prospect of this race, I never divulge my tips, but I will be wagering on a horse (each way). However, it’s a lottery with those fences, anything can happen. Do I sound excited? LOL


It would be remiss of me to let you not know what I have also been viewing on my laptop recently (in my darkened study – between checking the form on the horses, I have been checking out these fine fillies too heh heh)

From the Real Life Stable (enough of the puns FFS!) in Amsterdam Mike is a very lucky fella as I remember this beauty very well and one of my colleagues beat me to it about her first spanking report (damn you Spank Master) you can check out his post here. Mike recalled how he had been approached by one of Holland’s top porn stars, she soon submitted herself to more “schhhhpaaannnnnkings” and what we have below is one of his latest moving updates at REAL LIFE SPANKINGS

Stella is back, but her rudeness to everyone has been legendary as she reported from her “On Set antics at a TV studio”. This  riles Mike who decides to teach this stuck up porno madam just how hard his “scchhpaaankings” can be as she is given the strap across her delicious derriere! Some cornertime with her big naughty cheeks quivering and hanging there in shame from her severest punishment to date satisfies Mike who won’t tolerate disruptive behaviour – shame on her!

Mike seems to be into spanking and paddling voluptuous arses on REAL LIFE SPANKINGS and I’m not one to complain, far from it, if you see the movies you’ll be hypnotised by the jiggling butts wobbling and turning a beautiful dark red, please only watch this in private though, I’d hate for you guys to be – ahem – disturbed if you were viewing these delicious butts pummelled hard! 2 Examples below of resident Dutch naughty girl, Julie (what an arse…mm mmm) followed by Romyna…

Please note – Mike is NOT wearing a striped Polo Shirt!!! I am writing in to complain 😀

This is what he had to say about Julie’s faking an illness to get off work!
“Young Julie decided to go out and have fun which is ok BUT the little madam woke up the next morning and decided to call in sick at work even though she wasn’t. I decided a sound birching over our trestle was needed. Soon she was laying over our trestle feeling the sting of my trusty old birchrod explode across her naughty bottom. Then I sent her straight to her boss to apologize.”

…and here is Romyna. Now I’m not a prude, far from it, but I do get rather annoyed when I see girls with “Playboy bunny” tatts on their arse cheeks, it only serves to make me spank them harder for defiling themselves in this thoughtless way! Why not have a tatt of a sheep, you foolish girls, as that’s wehat you seen to be having the same damned tattoo on a butt cheek (gosh!) *rant over* Still, Romyna is very cute and I’d have to spank her in my cast iron underpants for protection. Here -Mike (who continues to avoid wearing a striped shirt,  NO!!!!!) ensures Romyna’s arse turns as dark red as his shirt with the help of some nasty looking painful birchy things!


At Mike’s specialist Spanked In Uniform site the girls from England keep popping over and there’s a special double update from me as I had missed out showing you Leia Ann Wood in a cracking schoolgirl movie from the St Catherine’s School section, well, I’ve also added Amelia Jane Rutherford’s very latest offering from the Birchrod Inn section for training naughty Hotel Maids. Ladies and gentlemen, hang onto your trousers and gussets for a very exciting update from me today!!!

Young Amelia is a spoiled little rich girl with a serious attitude problem. Her father, Lord Rutherford, wants her to learn what life is like at the bottom so He has her work for a few weeks as a maid at one of his hotels. The little madam was very clumsy so her manageress sent her to the Birchrod Inn for training for a few days. During cleaning the little madam broke a vase and she got a sound OTK spanking. An hour later she tried to run away but was caught and she got a sound leather paddling over the back of the sofa. During dinner she had to stand against the wall, her well spanked red bottom bare for all the guests to see!


& finally, as promised, Leia Ann’s last movie update was in school uniform (seriously, doesn’t she look lovely in that authentic gear?).

The Headmaster of St. Catherines anounced in assembly that the wearing of jewelry and make-up is now strictly forbidden and any girl breaking the new rule will be severely punished. Leia decided to wear jewelry the next day and was caught by Miss Williams who took her straight to the dreaded punishment room. After a good scolding Leia was spanked by Miss Williams and the Headmaster and she also got a sound bare bottom tawsing. The next assembly she was on stage showing her bare sore red bottom to the whole school as a warning to the other girls.


These 2 girls feature heavily and make a visit to this site well worthwhile!!! Wow!


Oh, I nearly forgot to let you know about a great interview that Dave at CherryRedReport had with Mike!

Have a great weekend everyone! I’ve got a great weekend’s sporting events to look forward to, fine public beverage establishments to partake of and whether it’s the horse racing or hoping my useless football team can somehow win away at Watford to avoid their humbling relegation (COME ON ARGYLE FFS!!!!) I have a weekend of escapism promised with the springlike weather here cheering me up no end…(a chance to enjoy when others let you down), schpannkings and Special Offers. HAVE A GOOD ‘UN!