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Here we go….

The Chief will not be back online later, either celebrating or commiserating after the game v Germany in about an hour!

So I have just one thing to say!


In the meantime, please check out various galleries etc to keep you busy if you’re not into football (or soccer if that’s what you call it!)


  1. Right there with you my friend!! Just had time to update my vintage site and now I am offline line for a few hours ๐Ÿ™‚

    “Come on you reds”

  2. England 1
    Germany 4

    I am sure …
    the chief has now a lot of time *smile*

    greetings from germany

  3. Do I fuck! Our overpaid shite from the Premiership were a total disgrace…that is the problem in our country, premier clubs come 1st way before national wellbeing. I am resigned to the fact we will never win anything despite those shitty cunts earning ร‚ยฃ150K plus per week! and don’t get me started on the goal that never was which might have given the twats hope at half time!

    I wonder how many German stars moneybags Manchester City will sign for next season *sigh*

    Thankfully this is my last mention of the fucking World Cup, after a season watching Plymouth Argyle destroy my sanity and now this, I hate football, I really do.

    Rant over…any more “clever” comments from our teutonic chums and I will ignore them ๐Ÿ˜€

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