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Flight Attendant Spankings

Bank Holidays at the Airport: Don’t you just love them? I was thinking of going away for a couple of days then remembered this … those insufferable delays at the airport, long queues, paying excess fares on your cheap airline ticket, bratty kids you see queuing up with parents too tired to deal with them, a vague hope your cheapo economy seat will not get you stuck next to them or even worse, the big fat guy you’ve just seen, sweating profusely and you know he’ll steal your arm rest room and invade your personal privacy if you are sat next to him … Ah, the joys of Economy flying in Cattle Class! So I decided to stay home instead, we’re off to our local town to watch a moat boat race at the ancient city of Wells in England (when I say city, it’s the smallest in England as it has a kick ass cathedral, it’s a beautiful day here so I better hurry up and quit my drivel and get you your spanking fix!

Where was I? Ah, bemoaning airlines and those surly stewardesses – well, check out the latest updates I haven’t covered recently from they are awesome and star some well known faces as well as 2 stunning new girls from the latest episode, although fans of Real-Life-spanking will recognize the dusky beauty Stacey as she has featured alot there recently!

Both these girls are stunning and if was the lucky pilot these girls were fighting over, I’d do my best to have my cake and eat it and have both, wouldn’t you? Check out some vid scenes below and decide for yourself!!!


Leandra and Stacey are best friends and they share the same flights frequently. They are also both seeing the same pilot and that leads to a loud disagreement on one of the flights. One of the passengers complained so both girls were told to go and see Mr Johnson. He ordered the girls to paddle each other and if the smacks weren’t hard enough, he would give them himself and they’d be much harder! As they failed, he paddled them both soundly. The girls left embarrassed and punished but a few days later they were at it again in the flight galley. So as soon as they landed,  they were sent to Mr Johnson again and this time had to kneel on a chair in his office getting a nasty bare bottom strapping and had to lift their skirts and allow him to intimately inspect their red sore cheeks and have the indignity of exposing their private parts as part of their humiliation!





My 2nd episode feature stars the wonderful Kami Robertson and she is disciplined for being rude and surly to passengers…uh oh…a short sharp trip to Mr Johnson, I fear!

Mr Johnson got a letter from a businessman who was very unsatisfied with Kami’s performance on the flight to Berlin. He pressed his buzzer quite a few times and Kami ignored him after a while. Kami was summoned to the office and the little madam had quite an attitude with the result that she got a hard long OTK spanking. She was then banned from flying a few days and had to work downstairs at the check-in desks. The next day Kami showed up 15 minutes late and Mr Johnson gave her a real hard strapping over his desk which left her in real floods of tears which you will see in this fantastic full length episode.



Now don’t ask my why, but the image below as part of Kami’s early punishment made me laugh, whether it was the vulnerable position, or the way Mr Johnson is obviously relishing his role with this minx wriggling over his lap, either way it was an image I wanted you to see seperately! (see below)

You can see the full tearful punishment of Kami HERE

Finally from the Airline section of today is a firm fave of mine, Miss Lottie Kinsade, who ruins her position of being chosen to attend to businessmen on a private Lear jet and also her chance to impress Mr Johnson who decides to take the flight personally – she forgets to load the plane with champagne !!!

This is full storyline and you can see some images I have chosen from the movie as well!
As I said, a group of businessmen hired a private jet from Europe Airlines to fly to Paris and and Mr Johnson, being a good pilot himself, decided to fly the jet. Halfway to Paris, and to his horror, Lottie had forgotten the champagne so he gave her a good spanking in front of the businessmen who enjoyed it tremendously. Once back at the airport Lottie was taken back to his office and she got another humiliating OTK spanking and a hard dose of the special punishment hairbrush! This girl can take quite a thrashing, as you’ll see!!!



Click here to see Lottie & all the other girls at Europe Air punished in FULL

Don’t forget to check out the other sections, you should know by now that Spanked-In-Uniform has a specialist French Maid/Hotel skivvy section, a police and naturally a schoolgirl uniform section as well as featuring nurses in uniform getting their just desserts from the stressed out Docs! Go check it out if you haven’t already 🙂

Back later and I might even bore you with some pics of my day out!
Happy Holidays. Chief

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