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Brrr! It’s Winter! Spankings to warm you up!

OK, us poor folk stuck up high in the northern hemisphere, especially here in the over crowded island on the edge of Northern Europe that is the UK, are now officially in daylight saving time meaning it’s flipping Winter again…(groan). Now, I can handle the cold and the blue skies or snow, as I used to experience when I lived in The French Alps many moons ago (now skiing nearly everyday might have helped pass the time, of course) but it’s the depressing grey skies and constant damp biting cold I hate most, and unfortunately that’s what we will mainly have the next 4 months or so in England.

& on that depressing bombshell, I obviously do NOT work for the British Tourist Board, but if any of you people are planning to visit us here in the UK, be prepared for a typical daylight picture like below!

LOL! Only kidding! Fortunately there’s a bit of color at the mo as the leaves are a riot at the moment!


OK… and onto something below that will warm the cockles of your heart and also a link to some fantastic and amazing free galleries which contain shed loads of fantastic long play vids, pics and clips which will definitely keep you entertained for a while! The main one I have here is the latest promo feature with the gorgeous Katie Leigh in what I reckon is one of her sexiest roles as a wanton harlot begging… Yes! begging to be thrashed and thrashed HARD! Oh my…see what I mean below and click on the Honey Bunny poster for the free goodness!

Even Internet Cat agrees and if you click on his “mouse” you’ll find a whole new world of amazing Trouser Busting Spanking Goodies!

In case you haven’t  on the image above (why not?) - check out what my pervy cat’s looking at right now, here’s another sample gallery from which you can NOT ignore! Why? It contains not just Samantha Woodley (dribble) but also Goldie Rosemont (drool) spanked, strapped and given the hairbrush as each girl is punished for smoking at the Reform School… and it’s an amazing double movie feature that shows you just what is available on offer at this great site! Click on the image below for the direct link to the gallery that contains 2 movie clips and dozens of free images!

Ah, while I’m on about FirmhandSpanking why not check out a few choice images from this delightful girl on girl fest, it made me laugh as bith girls talk about their “jiggling butts” – I will warn you now watching Alison Miller’s bum being prodded and massaged in a “jiggly” way caused by trouser undercarraige department to derail, so at least YOU have all been warned!


…and I have a few choice images from this movie as well! If that doesn’t pique your interest in this site then you are already a member and , like me, quite content and spent… or you are “dead below” and all hope is lost!





Ok, if that isn’t getting you going, a short trip to surely will as these girls and the new ones they are getting in are now becoming highly addictive viewing and I shall be having to write to David Pierson and beg him to stop fuelling my carnal urges to see beautiful young ladies thrashed OTK! I am now spending more and more time behind a locked door in my study watching all my spanking movies… I have already envisaged my demise when the Grim Reaper eventually gets fed up with me and turns up to collect my soul… I shall be found sat in my chair, totally spent with spanking movies playing on a loop on my laptop…LOL! Imagine that! 

Ok, enough of my morbid thoughts, here is something to warm us all up it’s either the return of Nyssa Nevers or David & Pixie had found a movie they hadn’t showed until now, I’m hoping that it’s Nyssa making a very welcome return, this girl is damned hot and takes pride of place in the 1st part of my PunishedBrats updates today with this brand new movie OUT NOW!



Nyssa the litterbug: Nyssa was throwing her styrofoam cup out the window while riding in her friend, Beverly’s car. Beverly ended up getting pulled over and given a littering ticket. She is not pleased that her friend thinks the matter is so funny and makes no offer to assist in paying for the ticket so cue Beverly’s retribution and one form of payment that will wipe the smile off Nyssa’s face!



In this ongoing movie which is now out IN FULL the movie, “Off Campus” has Pixie given the opportunity for revenge on poor Lily Anna’s bottom when Principal Veronica orders the girls to switch places. Lily Anna isn’t enjoying being on the receiving end quite as much as she liked being the one to dish out the discipline earlier (I’m sure I showed this previously, feel free to check my previous posts).

Fantastic facial shot of Ten which is matched by the fantastic images of her bubble butt below:



Ten had agreed to help clean the house after getting back from a wonderful mother-daughter vacation. But when Sandy returns home, she finds the house just as messy as when she left and decides to take a paddle to Ten’s bottom – it’s “back to reality” for this lazy teenager!


Pixie’s preview section tells us that we will soon be seeing the return of Lorraine, this hot pouting young madam is one of the sexiest chicas (IMHO) to ever have been spanked at PunishedBrats and I can hardly wait to see what she gets up to judging from these promo images below! *** insert “I HAZ WOODZ cat image! ***


This update has been sent to both of my blogs so I hope that wherever you read this, you will enjoy this update 🙂

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