Unseen Movie Now out at SpankingDigital

I got rather excited when I saw that there was a 3 girl punishment movie just released a few hours ago at SpankingDigital.com – I’ve never seen this before and believe you me, I’d have known about it – as it stars Kara Jayne, Kat and Paige who I have to admit look fantastic together loafing about half dressed getting drunk – as this means only one thing, they’re going to invite trouble on themselves! Anyway, lucky members of SpankingDigital will now be able to download this movie and I begged their webmaster to let me have some early preview pics, so here they are, BEFORE anyone else and this is my little present to you tonight!

If you’re good, I may see if I can get a short clip uploaded too 😉

See what happens when the strict boyfriend who is completely teetotal punishes all 3 of the girls and of course gives the hardest punishment of all to his foolish girlfriend with the hardest thrashing with a thick kooboo cane!






As you can see these girls really were drunk and giggling, I’d probably have thrashed them senseless as nothing irks me more than a blithering female fool whacked out on booze! Beware ladies! But I doff my cap at SpankingDigital for bringing this delightful 3 girl spank and cane-athon, the images, I’m sure you’ll agree look naughty!!!

Be sure to check out the blog tomorrow as I take a peek around the global spankosphere and include Adrienne Black (amongst others) in a really cool update I’m sure you will all love! Til then….

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