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“Battle of Britain” Spanking Discipline

Today over here is commemorated as the “Battle of Britain” Day, 15th September – and 70 years ago, things were very different over the skies of our country as the fiercest fighting for air superiority of the RAF against wave after wave of Luftwaffe planes culminated on this day. From July to October, as Winston Churchill famously said…”Never have so many owed so much by so few!” Thankfully times like this over the skies of Britain are in the past, but ultimately it was one of the finest moments as the country vowed to “Never Surrender” against all the odds. The below trailer was from the excellent 1969 film “The Battle of Britain” …


OK, It’s a glorious summer/autumnal day here in the UK, blue skies, pleasant outside and to take my mind off what our poor grandfathers and grandmothers must have been going through 70 years ago getting bombed daily… here are some fine British Spanking updates currently doing the rounds. Yes, it’s a spanking blog, it’s why you’re really here reading my waffle instead of me bleating on about our forefathers…
Discipline carries on, ladies! Lest you foolishly forget 😀

Take these dark moments below for Niki Flynn and Amelia Jane Rutherford, on the run from the tower but ultimately caught and paddled…this is an ongoing update unique to NORTHERN SPANKING – enjoy some of the teaser pics below:

There was also no such luck for Lottie Kinsade and Amy Hunter in their recent model assignment as you’ll see below, they got more than they bargained for… (mental note to self, these girls look GREAT together, don’t you think?)

All the latest updates and movies can be downloaded directly HERE


On a lighter note, the full movie of Jasmine’s experiences with the strap hairbrush and finally the cane can be seen at SpankingDigital, I have got you an exclusive free clip from this as the caning warm down continues. She’s genuinely turned on by hard discipline and gets off feeling her toasted red cheeks, lightly caned on her already throbbing welted cheeks…this is one sexy girl!


In case you haven’t clicked on the link, some scenes from it are shown below:
(OK, now you’re clicking it, lol!)

At SpankingDigital there is a brand new movie catering to FF lovers and stars one of Elizabeth’s last films she shot with new girl Wendy, who plays naughty schoolie, Lucy in this film, check out some images taken directly from the film that I have got for you. You’ll notice Elizabeth wastes no time in getting this naughty girl stripped and bent over for her thrashing!


Elizabeth tries out a variety of spanking implements across Lucy’s bare bottom, until she finally finishes with some good hard strokes of the cane! This is Elizabeth at her meanest, quietly getting on with the business at hand, efficient and ruthless!


For schoolgirl and other free punishment movies don’t forget to check out

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  1. Here’s remembering the guys and gals who saved the hope of a return to democracy in Western Europe all those years ago.


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