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Sepp Blatter Spanks England!

Seems English football was dealt a humiliating blow as the Billionaire Oligarchs of Russia got the bid for 2018 to host the World Cup (I’m sure the mafia mobsters will be looking forward to their building contracts!!!)  and the oil I mean legacy of giving it to world footballing super power Qatar (who?) in 2022 – FFS! We got less than Holland and Belgium in Round one with 2 votes out of 22 (and one of those was English!) – Something is very wrong with FIFA and I hope to God England as a footballing nation pulls out of this corrupt organization… I really don’t care for international football anymore anyway but as a nice kickback and for equally “non footballing” reasons, Sepp Blatter had decided to award ME a token prize!

Sepp went on to say that he was ” really chuffed” that I had decided not to hold anything against him or his fellow grasping, greasy FIFA officials in any sort of corruption or bribery investigations! No doubt the British Media will go hell for leather and it will kick off big time – but that’s not my concern anymore since I’ve been awarded the Spanking Bid! Bring it on!!!

£463M GBP spent on the bid – money well spent for obtaining 1 vote!


As I’m feeling a bit blue today and fed up with yet more early snow keeping me indoors, I thought I’d find you something COMPLETELY different and think this should do the trick! If you haven’t signed up to my Spanking Theater then here’s a decent chance to grab some free minutes in these Indian Spanking series – Anyway, I won’t treat the future King of England, our very own Prime Minister and one of our biggest sporting icons David Beckham like a piece of shit unlike one organization (Not the Eurovision Song Contest) so I’ll just let you take a look at the series below… Enjoy!




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